Saturday, August 3, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-3-19

The Saturnalia Spins Ever Faster

Morag reminds us of the major Planetary Merkaba Upgrade happening during this Lion's Gateway:

Deconstructing the corporate created Addicted Society we grew up in; mega-yuck, Comrades:

A '20 and Back' SSP program survivor comes clean to speed up the overall pace of Full Disclosure:

A Sister Ciara Special Report from her Antediluvian Lair; the Cyrillic hand writing is on the Wall:

A simple truth - Everything you were taught by 'authorities' was doctored truth smothered in lies:

An interesting long-view piece on the current status of the worlds (mostly false) religions; grok on:

A longish VOAT thread that illumines the true Satanic motives of many 'actors' on our Stage: Oy:

Denise LeFay shares her thoughts and impressions of the process of 'Crossing-Over' git sum:

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