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Magenta - how do you protect yourself when you put out such controversial and contentious posts on social media? You recently said one poster was psychically attacking you so how do you cope with all the hundreds of negative replies towards your recent political posts and all the anger directed towards you? Genuinely asking as I would also like to post my truth but I don't know how to deal with the backlash energetically.

My response - It is not really about 'protection' per se. It is about seeing where the energy goes. If you imagine a negative comment as an arrow, you can see that the great majority are arrows directed at 'the situation' itself, or at the political figure in question or if the person is really triggered they direct that arrow back at themselves. You simply have to be aware of where those arrows are going and as a 'cosmic messenger' they are rarely directed at you.

Yet, in rare cases, they ARE directed at you and they do reach their mark. The person shooting that arrow would have to know what they were doing and use 'focused intent' in order to actually strike a 'hit' if you will, upon the messenger. They will do this by commenting personally on your weakest area (your biggest fears) or on a loved one close to you. That is difficult to deal with because you need to be 'energetically open' in order to access the flowing light of truth and you need to be in a neutral, observer position. If you are open (fully in service to the collective with an open heart) you are more vulnerable. So you bring in the power centre at the same time as the heart centre and it is easy to 'forget' to do this or assume you don't need to.

If you do find that a psychic attack has actually touched you, then Gratitude is the instant neutralizing antidote (and actually act on that gratitude in your life.)

Due to the fact that even the most 'adept & practised guru' if you will, can still be a match to the arrow, then placing 'protections' in place before you post up your truth for all to see is a good idea. There are many different methods you can use as ‘protection.’ I will post a video following this note that will assist.

Remember, the actual genuine psychic attack (focused intention) is rare. Most of those arrows are flying all over the place and never touch you (unfocused and random energy.) Most genuinely focused individuals will not use psychic attack even when they disagree. Reasons being they will be aware of ‘karmic energy’ associated with psychic attack and they themselves do not get triggered by your post as they stand strong in their own truth. Be aware that it is a service-to-self act when we speak of genuine, intentional psychic attack.

Carry the golden shield, tinged with violet light. Also known as a 'flaming sword.' Be sure you know exactly what it is and how to use it before you call it up - Magenta Pixie XXX 

Magenta I still do not understand why you support Donald Trump when he is divisive, stands for separation and spreads hatred. You only have to read his tweets to see this.

My response; Those sowing the seeds of separation, divisiveness and hatred are the mainstream
media. Not Trump who is simply doing his job. He tries so hard to compromise and make peace and is now realizing that there is no compromise to be made with the cabal. That has been a shock to Trump as much as to the rest of us (despite him being briefed beforehand and knowings he already had) his tweets are 'strategic chess moves' (and are brilliant quite frankly) but unless you understand the particular game of chess he is playing you simply won't have a clue. Coupled with your belief in mainstream media you will have no choice but to conclude that Trump is the divisive one.

Magenta, do you feel that the truth about Trump being benevolent and his role in taking out the cabal will be revealed to the general public? And if so do you feel it will be soon?

It is being revealed on a widespread scale to many (receptive to truth rather than the false narrative) so this moves in a domino pattern. Certain events are taking place and will take place to reveal to more and more people the truth. The only way that ALL the general public will become aware (and even then it depends on the receptivity of their belief system) would be if mainstream media collapses entirely and is replaced by genuine truthful journalists. This IS happening (mainstream media versus the alternative media) but the alternative media are constantly fighting against the control and are being infiltrated and hijacked.

However, many remain pure and clean so use all the discernment and intuitive skills you have at your disposal. It will all break down eventually but it will happen in degrees. So when you say 'soon' there is much happening in this arena 'soon' and much that happens slowly over time. All this is connected to everything else the public are becoming aware of such as secret space program, advanced technologies, health cures, extra terrestrial involvement with Earth etc etc I might add that Trump is not taking out the cabal single handedly, this is a collective movement of many with Trump at the helm of the political arena.

Magenta - How do you explain the racist, sexist etc things that come directly out of Trump's mouth? How do you explain him not stopping the allowance of children being separated and kept from parents at the border?

I haven't heard him say anything racist or sexist (individual interpretation and knowing the game!)

Regarding the children at the border he is putting the separation of children from child sex traffickers first (and has made great leaps and strides in this) unfortunately some genuine parents have been separated from their children in the process (but far fewer than the media would have you believe) which was the deliberate action of the cabal and everything Trump is trying his best to stop.

He is not all powerful (so cannot wave a magic wand and create the perfect situation immediately) and is in a daily fight. The fight he is in is beyond most people's comprehension. He has given more of himself for the cause of freedom for the American people (and thus the world) than you can possibly imagine. For this, he is a hero. One of many but a hero nonetheless

I do not understand your political views Magenta or why you even get involved in politics when you are a spiritual teacher!

My response; I don't really have 'political views' or 'get involved in politics' - I just read energy signatures. The political arena (especially in America) is at the forefront of the energetic changes in the third dimensional world so it makes sense that an energy reader would see this and comment on it as part of their delivery of messages (as well as receive downloads from their higher guidance system).

No 'spiritual teacher' or channel/conduit can truly see the bigger picture if they don't take note of the political world stage which is a collective reflection of all that we are. Polarity raising or lessening is not an 'easy ride' in 3D. One can remain within 5D/multi-dimensionality/unity consciousness and still comment on political issues. The trick to accessing clear, clean and accurate information within this polarized and potentially volatile structure is to take the observer viewpoint and not bring in any of your own ego agendas or emotions. If you do this, you are lost to truth. However, if you are triggered this is not a bad thing. It shines a light upon that which needs to be examined, integrated and transmuted. Gratitude is the key

Magenta - You don't live in the US and you are not a US citizen so what right do you have to keep commenting on our President and US politics?

My response; As I have said many times, what happens in America affects the entire world (and beyond but that is a whole other issue). When it comes to the Ascension process, if you were to imagine that the Earth, on an energetic level, as a large flat disc, then America would be right in the centre. Everything happens 'faster' energetically there (and very much in a political sense). This energy ripples out in concentric circular fashion to the rest of the planet. If one is an energetic reader of timelines, probabilities and events and/or a channel for higher dimensional consciousness then one would pay close attention to political America and (if one has the courage to face the energetic backlash) comment publicly on it.

Magenta you do not live in America so how can you possibly comment on Donald Trump? We who live here are the ones who see what he does. You do not live here, so you do not know what he does or how he thinks yet you keep posting like you know.

My response; as I have said before the energetic bodymind system is non locational. It makes no difference if you are stood next to someone in the same room, reading the energy of someone in another country or on another planet or in a different universe. If you are able to project your energy forward to connect with another's matrix field you use Zero Point Energy which is abundant, beyond time and beyond space. Therefore one does not need to be resident in any particular country to know what an individual does or feels if that individual has 'put themselves out there' to be read (for example, a public political figure like Donald Trump.)

Polarity Paradigms

Poster 1 - Magenta I agree with everything you say in your channellings except for your insights on Donald Trump. In this one area I am sorry but you have got this wrong. There is a flaw in your downloads.

Poster 2 - Magenta I think everything that comes out of your mouth is fluff and nonsense except for what you say about Donald Trump. Only on this one issue have you got it absolutely right and I do respect you for that.

My reply; just about sums up the polarity on this issue LOL and thanks to you both 🤣🤣

And she wrote and posted this as a link ~

My cavalry comment amongst other posts of both support and otherwise ~

I appreciate those of us willing to stand up in the face of near constant questioning of why we feel as we do. It comes down to our unique and individual makeup and experience how we perceive the world around us. Can it be okay that we have different perceptions? I just wonder why those who reject wholesale any good words about DJT are so vocal in their criticism of those in support of the necessary work he's doing. It helps to have an Eagle's eye view of the Big Picture to grok the energetics of what's going on and why it might have to unfold in this exact way. Trusting is a big ask...but it's the need of the hour. I was born the the U.S., and am in complete agreement with Petra.

Coconut Codes

In the days of Lemuria, that time period known also as Mu - as the fall began and the descent into matter, the new Earth humans could no longer sustain the body on the plasmic light alone and began at first to drink the liquids available.

One of these liquids was the milk inside the plant you know as coconut. This was a major staple in the Lemurian days as the humans became more and more physical. Today, your coconut remains in much the same composition. The milk inside is formulated in similar construct as the human Mother's milk. The memory codes within hold knowings of your history. Those who drink the nectar and eat the fruit within the coconut receive these codes.

At this time as you approach the Diamond Lion's Gate Portal, the coconut codes will assist you as the conductor of the plasmic light that activates within you, as you begin the ascent from the physical, into the light body and regain the innocence of the Lemurian races coupled with the wisdom of one who has lived many lives since.

The White,Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine through Magenta Pixie

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