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Federation Of Light Message 8-28-19

 Methinks the 'Spheres' herein discussed are representing The Arcturian Masters/Time-Lords in their highest dimensional aspects; we refer to them as Adi Buddas (Primordial Source Love/Compassion, 'The Watchers' ). They represent the most ancient Star Family in our Local Universe and are tasked with enabling all inter-dimensional transferrence of Consciousness/Soul Essence; coming and going all beings of Earth must utilize the Corridor.  Grokfest

Through Blossom Goodchild

Hello everyone. For the past 11 days I have been trying to sort out my mailing list problems, to no avail. My nerves are shot from being on the phone to my IT server and trying to work things out on my computer. Drained to the core!
I feel, without a doubt there are those who do not want these messages of Light to get out there, and would like to send me to the funny farm! LOL … ( As many of you may recall, I went through all of this back in March!)

I begin rehearsals full time on Monday. The Universe always provides me with one professional show a year … (that is all I ask/need). Therefore, there will be no more channellings until the end of Sept. This is the only way I have of letting people know.

After the show is up and running , I will be looking into a new server for bulk emails and I am so very blessed to have had a lady from the US offer to sponsor me for a year’s subscription. I choose to find an Australian-based one. Less complicated … one hopes.

Ok. Well done if you are on my newsletter and have found this! I would be so grateful if emails could be kept to a minimum or sent without needing a reply … during my ‘playtime’!

So, for now I bid you Adieu, and Cheerio … UNLESS OF COURSE something major happens and I am called to duty!

Thanks to everyone who posts these channellings on other sites and on social media . Every bit helps the Planet.

Sending so much Love and Golden Rays

Blossom G.                                  
And here is the latest channelling:

Hello, my friends. Without any doubt in my mind, those of lesser Light are doing their very best to drive me insane! And it’s working! Once again, I cannot send my newsletter out to inform people that a new conversation with us is posted. I won’t go into it here, yet I guess it is wonderful proof that what you have to say is of Truth and is trying to be quashed. So, let’s ‘battle on’! Could you talk to us about how to connect more consciously with the Energy boxes you spoke of last week?

Welcome to you Dearest Blossom and although we are aware of the ‘delicate frame’ you are residing within at this stage, we are also aware of your strength of Light and that you are still able to keep your Vibration High in order to ‘tune in’ with us. Many thanks.

These Higher levels of Energy filtering through in their own sweet way … would we say … have a life of their own. We would not so much say that they are programmed, yet, more so, that they are intelligent Energy threads that know exactly what to do and where to ‘deposit’ themselves. You, in your Human form, yet, as your ‘SoulHighSelf’ know too, how to connect with them, by simply ‘addressing them’ as your friends. For indeed, each incision is one that is part of the agreed Plan.

Incision? Bit of an odd word to use?

We are using this term in the sense of infusion/cutting through.

Yes. I get you. That’s what I thought. Assuming too, that the I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM mantra is a very powerful way to connect with them.

This is so. For the ENERGY CODING within those words is like a magnet to them.

The Higher YOU as an individual … Each One of you … have allowed yourself to awaken to, the ‘right place’ is found within these ‘Spheres’ to meet up with.

Now then. You suddenly have changed the word from boxes to ‘Spheres’. Yesterday, I met up with some dear ‘exceptionally clued up’ friends (wanted to say Masters?) and they said the boxes were actually Spheres. The lady of the partnership had ‘seen them’ when ‘Being out there somewhere’.

This is so. Spheres of an enormity that you cannot quite comprehend.

With respect … out of my own curiosity … why have YOU not used the term ‘Spheres’ before?

We are now. When they were mentioned moons ago, ‘Boxes’ was more appropriate for the metaphor and then, as of our last conversation/communication … we believe … with respect … you brought the matter up using the term as in the past … ‘Level 1 2 and 3 boxes’. There is only so much we are able to ‘fit in’ within our time together!

That has amused me and I can tell you are also amused as you bring this through. I know my friends will be happy that you have confirmed this. I suddenly feel very emotional (Far from unusual at the moment!)

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls who touch base with us via these communications and on an individual Soul-Love communication … THESE TIMES ‘ARE’ VERY EMOTIONAL!

Not only are you releasing the old way of … thinking/Being … from yourselves and on behalf of others … you are also … attuning/blending … with these Higher Energies that are offering a Higher Vibration of Love itself.

As your BEING … attunes/adjusts … to these levels, then your very souls are recognising that which they are coming … into contact with/in touch with … and it puts one’s heart into … 
‘overwhelm/overload’ … in a GOOD WAY … and yet, due to all the unravelling of everything … it all FEELS as if it is all wrapped up into one.

Which it is … I know not if I am Arthur or Martha!

This is an indication of what we are meaning by … Topsy Turvy /upsidedownness. For this does not only take place on a … Universal/Global … level, Yet … on /within … an individual one, also.

Back to the ‘Sphere’s’ if we may … for I feel they are important.

We would say … there is nothing more important. Imagine 7 vast spheres.

I am sure that is the number my friend saw. In days of old I would have questioned myself about this coming through you now, because my brain received the info yesterday from my friend. Not anymore. I’m all growed up now!

Imagine … two lines of three and one beneath. Tune in via breathing and the ‘I AM’ mantra/chant/connection and feel yourself be taken to the Sphere that is suited to you and remain there for your meditation.

Please note. This is for enhancement of your Light. It is a way of connecting and yet, it is not that you are actually entering into these Sphere’s literally, for it is not possible for you to do so. It would be too much for your soul to do so. Yet, it certainly is a ‘tool’ to assist you in connecting with them. We would say it is of an adapted version … for your Being to ‘use’ … during this transitional period.

Am I right in thinking … no matter what … we could not enter these Spheres due to the enormity of their Energy Vibration?

Correct. Yet, to work on connecting with them is a very Powerful thing to do.

Ok. So, this may be a pointless question yet, where exactly are these Spheres?

They are circling your Planet.

All of them?

A question difficult to answer. The best we can say is ‘their presence’ is known to the outer layers of your Planet and yet, they phase in and out … releasing ‘levels’ of Energy Light as and when appropriate.

So, are they actually ‘visible to the eye’ should one be passing that way?

To pass that way, one would have to be of a particular Vibration to begin with. We would say YES … they are visible to those that can see them!

I get you. Fair enough. And they obviously are very much involved with what is going on right now on our Planet? Silly question!

Yet, one we can answer. Yes, indeed. They have been ‘Keeping watch’ for eons of ‘your time’. They are of an intelligence that can assess all that is taking place.

Wait, when you say all that is taking place, do you mean literally? As in who is the president of each country? Who is dodgy? Who is not? You know what I mean? Like in a way that ‘we’ are shown?

No Blossom. Not of this way. They operate on an ENERGETIC level. They assess the Energy of your Planet … not just as an entirety yet, ‘sectionally’ also. 

Whoa! I’ve just suddenly warped up into a Higher Feeling Energy … and … Go!

WOAH! Wait just a tootin-pickin’ second. WE COME FROM THESE SPHERES?????????

We would say they were your method of delivery. [ED. The Arcturian Corridor; look it up!]

Yet, you said we could not be in them fully as they are too strong (Or words to that effect. )

Too strong for you now. Yet, when your humanity as a … new race/new beginning … arrived, your ‘State of Being’ was certainly able to … be of it/part of it/within it.
Did it create us?

No. Would we say they were your ticket from the stars, to your Planet.

Seriously! This is such an untimely time to bring this up … as I am unable to connect with you for a while after this communication … we will all be left dribbling! What you have said is making me feel as if these Spheres were sort of … how do I put it … ?

Let us try. What we are feeding through to you Blossom, is that … these Energy Spheres were your carriers ‘down through dimensions’ and then releasing the Energy of Humanity … the Beingness of Humanity … onto/into/within … a level, that ‘aspects’ of your Higher Soulself could be deposited into the creation of.

Brain blow out!!

And yet, is it not that on another level you completely understand?

Yep and yet, as I say, due to me being off hire for a while … how can you ‘put this in a nice little box and wrap it up’?

By saying that we Love you.

By telling you that YOU ALREADY KNOW ALL OF THIS.

By mentioning that all is ticking along as it should and in the month that you are unavailable to chat with us … we are so very close to Each One of you … in both thought and spirit. Allowing us to lift you up into the awareness of understanding that you are so much more than you once accepted yourselves to Be.

Join our Energy in the … visualisation/meditation … of the Spheres … that have been set up to connect with you.


Many thanks, Guys. I look forward to next time and yet, very much looking forward to feeding my soul, topping it up with my passion of being on the stage. Be it for only for a short while! I LOVE YOU. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM!

My next event is in HAWAII! YAY!

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