Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-6-19

Truth Be Told...

Where We Go One We Go All; it's time to step up and and become part of the solution:

Think mob war; drug cartel henchmen not getting paid and shooting up the joint, yada, yada:

This just in from the mysterious back channels of the Kremlin, courtesy of Sorcha Fal; great memes:

Keep Calm And Brexit now that badass Boris is calling the shots at 10 Downing St.; TTFN:

The lamestream media refuses to report on the worldwide pedo-cabal busts happening every day:

This I take to be a portent of impending downfall of the Cabal chemtrail program; think China Lake:

We close with this lovely double-dip from our old friend and scribe, Valerie Donner; grokfest y'all:

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