Saturday, August 31, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-31-19

Red Pill Express

Arriving Over Target

Well done video; well worth a look-see; Graham Hancock does a nice job on the reading:

Dylan said “You got to serve somebody”; Macron and his handler wife only serve the Rothschild's:

Run, rabbit, run... and follow Sorcha down the Cabal rabbit hole; price of admission - your mind:

From our Omar Does Dems File - the latest turd-blossom rising to the turbulent Swamp surface; Oy:

Cabal stooges wanna fly the black UN banner over USA; Satanic wet-dream that ain't gonna happen:

IPOT just released this needfully disturbing look at Pedo/Satanic insanity; Yuck, parts ain't just parts:

Dave at X22 Reports outlines the Fall of the Fed and the New Financial System; Yes, it's happening:

Brits are grokking the realities of allowing Frakatopia to poison the UK altogether; wakey, wakey:

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