Saturday, June 2, 2012

The true import of this time is not external to yourselves. – Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 19,2012
We speak today on the subject of the lifting of the veil. It is time now, by your wish, established long ago, for the veil between your consciousness and ours to be removed. This process has been in progress for some time now, but the time has arrived for those who have chosen to ascend to begin to see much more clearly.
It is time for you to step into the full consciousness of yourselves. This marvelous process sounds to you like a simple step. However, please be prepared for some discomfort as you remember and acknowledge much that you have intentionally hidden from yourselves. Those who have some small rememberings from their pasts will be better prepared for this.
To far outweigh this will come also the remembering, and the unbridled joy of remembering, the true masters that you are. As you make this step, a great many of your fellows will also step up into the beginning of their awakenings. It will cause confusion for some and fear in others. It will cause conflict between what some experience and their long held and cherished beliefs. Please be prepared to gently guide them as they reach out for answers. Resist the urge to give a full education in the answering of each question. Allow them to awaken by asking questions as they go, just as you have done. There is an island saying that fits very well, “Softly, softly catchee monkey.” Do not let your enthusiasm close their minds once they have begun to question. Remember how difficult it was for some of you at first.
You will also experience some events during this period that will be remarked by many and viewed with awe and apprehension. They will be merely necessary changes and will not even approach the severity that has been forecast by many. Observe and wonder if you please, but know that the true import of this time is not external to yourselves.
Think upon the term you have used to describe the process that you and your beautiful planet are going through, ascension. Consider what that means, please. Do you imagine it to be a fearful event? Do the words amazing, wonderful, and beautiful not fit better? Imagine then the amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful process of these times bringing you closer and closer to your brilliant future. Hold that vision throughout this next month and particularly now as the alignment of Earth, Moon, Sun, and Central Sun bring you light not experienced here for many thousands of years.
Breathe this light into every cell and into your entire beings, dear ones. Intend that it bring you all of the personal changes that you have dreamed of. Intend also that it peacefully bring all of the changes to your world that you have dreamed of. We know you expect much, and much will be given. The power of your dreams and intentions will be revealed to you.
Remember to center and ground yourselves frequently now. We are with you in each moment. Good day.
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