Wednesday, September 30, 2015

GaiaPortal: Harbingers Of The Hue-Light Come To The Fore

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-30-15

Stereoscopes have illumined the Fields of View.

Partners of contrastings keep faith-centers.

Heaviness of the Land Lords passes inspection no more.

Harbingers of the Hue-Light come to the fore.

Celebrations are viewed in the distance.

"The distance" is here.

The Team - Message #66: The Portal Of Now

Channelled By Peggy Black On 9-29-15

We actually marvel at the busyness and various and diverse ways humans use their time, energy and focus. In this physical reality the goal is to understand, manage and transform energy that is dense and limiting, to bring the purest consciousness to everything.

Most humans perform their tasks and activities mentally absent from the action. They are thinking of something else. Their mind is traveling to the past and to the future. Rarely do they stay fully present in the NOW.

This is especially true of mundane tasks, repeated over and over, day in and day out. There is an automatic behavior that performs the task and the human is not fully aware or conscious of the energy or any difference in the grid or field. By not being fully in the NOW they don't bring their consciousness of light to the moment.

Most humans stay in the activities of the mind. They allow the mind free rein of the day and the energy that flows through the body. They are spendthrifts in regards to the divine transformational energy that is given upon each breath, unaware of the power they have to shift any activity they are involved with.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Archangel Michael’s Post-Wave X Message On September 29, 2015


Channeled by Michael Love

 Greetings Dear Ones from the Fifth Vibration! 
A new day has now dawned across the earth inside the hearts of the first wave beings of light. Together we held enough light in our bodies to reach a 5D awareness level and absorbed back in all the energy of the super photon wave we sent out for this grand purpose.

Today is the first day of the New Earth perception for 2.3 billion souls in over 1/2 million years. If one continues to look at 3D from a 3D vibration you will see nothing different. Now look through the ancient eyes that see from a higher perspective. Be as the great silent observer and look close. You will see it and sense it in every way if you are still to see it!

Have you got the hang of 5D way of being yet? Of course not! No one has. This is why the first wave has six month linear time perception to integrate and get used to this new much faster frequency. After this they will bring the 2nd wave up to meet them.

The Schumann Resonance of Gaia and the entire Cosmos is now in the Ninth dimension which has astounded both the science and spiritual community!

It did all happen exactly as it was foretold at the grand 2015 Tetrad by many great seers, masters and our advanced brothers of science.

What will show itself to you now is greater than what any prophet saw. We breached the event horizon coming from the galactic core and we are now here in this super high frequency of gamma photon light that instantaneously evolves DNA to a higher life-form!

Update From The Galactic Federation Of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy On 9-29-15

As always, I suggest using Higher Discernment when reading these, to see how it “hits” and applies (or not) to you. Also, I personally like to remember that the ultimate “Ascended Master” is the one within. -KP's Blog

 Channelled By Sheldan Nidle

12 Eb, 5 Tzotz, 12 Manik

Dratzo! This world continues to progress ever forward. Our earthly allies are moving the elements of a new banking system into position. The dark cabal can no longer stop the inevitable. Those ancient families in both Europe, the Americas, and of course, China is establishing the final repositories from which a great sea of monies is to flow.

Those who have been assigned as both paymasters and security handlers know the right divine time to complete their special tasks. At present, the cabal is facing a number of crises, which are simply signs that this flow is very close to happening. The time for the end of these vile oligarchs has seemingly taken much too long to pass.

We are approaching the Gregorian month of October. Traditionally, in the West, this is a time of scariness, hobgoblins and ghosts. In fact, it represents the time when mighty Atlantis, your ancient home, sank beneath the seas. This event occurred at the start of Zac (the white month). This time is called Halloween (hallowed eve), when the Lights (Atlantean Beings) left for their new home in Centaurus. It is only a wondrous coincidence that this period became a moment for you to obtain your blessings!

The Lunar Eclipse: We Are The Flash Of Light We Have Been Waiting For

Channelled By Dana Mrkich On 9-28-15

Depending on which source of alternative media you may have come across over the past few months, increasing in crescendo the past few days, the world was supposed to end the other day (again), or we are about to ascend as a planet into a whole new level of consciousness tomorrow during the Lunar Eclipse, after which the New Earth 'officially' begins. Wow 'officially'! Wow, tomorrow!

I'm the first to love, and talk about, a good old heightened, even pivotal moment in this progressive, constant, evolutionary journey we are all on. There is no doubt whatsoever that any and every astrological alignment and solar flare adds power to the waves of consciousness that are pouring onto this planet right now - waves that are only going to increase in strength for the forseeable future.

What has my bee in a bonnet are these 'this is THE date' predictions, either foretelling the official 'end of the world' or official 'beginning of the world.' They trigger false fear and false hope, and then when those dates pass a lot of people are left feeling deflated, or justified in their 'told ya so'. What an excellent strategy to make people give up on feeling anything is ever going to change. What an excellent tactic to make people feel that all this talk of energy is a load of crap.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Energy Update September 2015 ~ Entering The 5th Dimension

The man nails it...A must read! DT the ET 

Channelled Via Multi-Dimensional Matt (Kahn) On 9-27-15

12036700_584840608314281_4034318039514433015_nAs we enter 5D consciousness, we have reached a new horizon of possibility, where all previous reference points cannot assist us in dissecting reality into separate categories of polarity.

Instead of feeling sad while hoping to be happy, or even feeling happy, while hoping not to avoid any further sadness, we are neither sad nor happy. In the absence of sensing a high or noticing a low, we have returned to zero point, but without a defining sign of arrival.

Perhaps for you, your entry point has left you without a sense of who you are, including the melting away of each spiritual identity or attribute that your ego spent so much time striving to embody or desperately capture. Maybe there is no sense of where you are in time and space, which can cause you to imagine how you are somewhere far behind wherever you’ve been anticipating to go.

As your experience of emptiness acts a definitive sign that you have exited 3D reality and entered the doorway of unity consciousness, while it may seem underwhelming to some, it is a crucial stage of spiritual growth to help ground you into alignment with your highest spiritual maturity. Instead of fearing being left out or left behind some sort of window of opportunity, it is important to know the true gift that such a shift in consciousness provides.

While many have spent the last 7 years being turned upside down, shaken to your core, and unraveled, the emptying process occurs to clear out your energy field, so you may enter this brand-new frontier of experience completely empty of any previous assumption, belief, or conclusion. It’s as if the Universe is making sure you cannot obscure your view of what is and will continue to unfold. The emptying out, in and of itself, reveals a fiercely compassionate Universe.

The Team - Message # 65: Struggle Versus Flow

Channelled By Peggy Black On 9-26-15

One of the important masteries and skills you bring to all your experiences while embodied is how fully conscious you are in each NOW.

It does not matter what you are doing or with whom you are doing it, the key is to be in the moment, fully filled with your joy, gratitude, and appreciation. It is not what you do but how you do each moment.

Everyone longs to discover the place of harmony and the gentle flow of events. When you experience struggle and stress this adds a level of disharmony to the activity and the seeming chaos. Once the energy dynamics of struggle and stress are engaged it takes conscious skill to change and transform the pattern.

The belief that everything is a struggle, a challenge, a strain is strong in mass consciousness. This is an illusion and a learned pattern.

There is a mental state of mind and an emotional state of being in which we invite you to maintain. When your awareness is in the present moment of NOW and you are holding an energetic stance of a high vibration, no matter what you are doing, there will be a flow, a grace, and an ease.

The illusion of struggle, stress and strain creates low frequencies. These states of mind vibrate/radiate in the third dimension. They are a part of the matrix of lock-down.

What to Do with Your Reval Money?


I can’t help noticing what Pope Francis has done in his address to the United Nations. Everyone out there, participating in the Reval and intending to use the sacred money they receive to create a world that works, just look at what he says in the last few paragraphs.
If you don’t know where to channel your funds, consider the discussion that he offers. I think he’s done a good job of providing us with a useful list and agenda for spiritually-based expenditures.

Francis 3“Our world demands of all government leaders a will which is effective, practical and constant, concrete steps and immediate measures for preserving and improving the natural environment and thus putting an end as quickly as possible to the phenomenon of social and economic exclusion, with its baneful consequences: human trafficking, the marketing of human organs and tissues, the sexual exploitation of boys and girls, slave labor, including prostitution, the drug and weapons trade, terrorism and international organized crime.

Such is the magnitude of these situations and their toll in innocent lives, that we must avoid every temptation to fall into a declarationist nominalism (1) which would assuage our consciences. We need to ensure that our institutions are truly effective in the struggle against all these scourges. …

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gaia Speaks About Her Elemental Kingdom

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 9-20-15

EarthAirFireWater (1)
By Gaia and the Gnomes

My loyal Ascending Ones,
I am your Mother Earth. The members of my Elemental Kingdom are powerful energy Beings who constantly assist me to create and maintain my physical form.

The highest frequency expressions of the Elemental Kingdom, who you know as Earth, Air, Fire and Water, is the Elohim, who are the creators and holders of my third dimensional form.

The Elohim reside in the eighth through twelfth dimensions to guide their assistants in the Devic Kingdom that resonates to the fifth through eighth dimensions. The Devas receive the “Devine Ideal” of the Elohim and transfer these Divine Qualities to the Elemental Kingdom.

The Elementals reside in the higher fourth through fifth dimensions to create form for visiting life-streams who wear forms in the third and fourth dimensions of Gaia’s Multidimensional reality. The Elementals assist in creating form for fourth dimensional life-streams, and then assist these life-streams to expand their form into the third dimension.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Matthew Ward - September 20, 2015

Channelled By Suzie Ward On 9-20-15

With loving greetings on behalf of all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Early along Earth’s ascension course, energy surges were mild and occasional, and most of the populace mutely continued to accept the status quo. When the planet reached planes where the surges were stronger and more frequent, outspokenness about intolerable conditions and heated activity began in earnest. Now voices throughout your world are rising to a crescendo as the peoples are forcefully freeing themselves from the last vestiges of millennia of control by dark minds and hearts.

All along during Earth’s journey, lightworkers have been in the vanguard of world-changers. We know that at times you feel weary, even in moments despondent, about the pace of progress, and not only because a number of you recently have written this to my mother.

Although the selected examples were edited for brevity, the cited parts preserve the writers’ sentiments and express those of the others who wrote, feelings we know that many more of you share.

“Humanity is said to be in the process of a fundamental change - a total turn around toward Love/Light/God/Spirit ... However, many humans don't show signs allowing to hope for such an awakening. And I include myself in this.”

Archangel Gabriel: The Quality Of Reverence

Channelled By Marlene Swetlisoff

Beloved Ones,
I wish to have discourse on the quality of love known as reverence. This quality manifests as a deep appreciation for the splendor and beauty of the world around one. It is also an inner longing to connect to something greater than oneself. It is a quality of the heart that leads one to look for the good in all things.

 The feeling of reverence gives voice to one’s desire for a connection to the divine, to find fulfillment beyond oneself in the mystery of life and the sacredness of all things. 

Embodying this quality brings one closer to other people and to the world around them. It is the experience of transcending oneself and opening to something greater. It is feeling a sense of wonder that the beauty and glory that they experience in the world was brought forth from the Creator for their sheer enjoyment of it. 

These feelings are sacred moments which encompass a disposition of the heart that acknowledges the beauty, goodness and wonder of every creation. It fills their heart with praise and gratitude to the Creator for the beauty, the wonder, and the mystery of creation. They celebrate the Creator as the source and foundation of all things, seen, unseen and felt. 

Video - The Joy Of Being Human

Incredible channelling in under 5 minutes...Git Sum!

The Nitty-Gritty From Matt Kahn


(This video is available on

Thursday, September 24, 2015

What to Expect from the Equinox, Eclipse and Wave-X

Tell it like it is, sister!  
Git Sum no-nonsense Ascension-essentials, right here...

Channelled By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

On 9-20-15

This is an historical moment on Planet Earth. As usual, there are myriad predictions as to what we are going to physically experience and what these auspicious events will mean in all of our lives.

As has happened over and over again throughout the various events involving Earth’s Ascension process, people are predicting the full gamut of possibilities. These predictions include everything from the end of the World to the instant manifestation of Heaven on Earth, neither of which is going to happen. That does not mean, however, that what we are in the midst of experiencing is not the most incredible and monumental opportunity we have ever had, because IT IS!

The reason people have been disappointed so many times is because they have erroneously expected for these shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness to instantly manifest in the physical plane. People look at outer-world appearances and because they do not see any immediate changes, they feel that the events did not actually happen and that the information was just another “New Age hoax.”

The reality is that the vast majority of events that have taken place over the past several decades not only happened, but according to the Company of Heaven, they succeed in accelerating Humanity’s and Mother Earth’s Ascension process beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven.

Mytre And The Arcturians: Conscious Portals 4 Gaia

Lots of good info in this new piece and an offer from Sue, for those so inclined, to join in small meditation groups for the purpose of creating more and more Ascension Portals.  Enjoy, DT 


Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 9-22-15

I look again at the place in my office where I first saw Mytre and the Arcturian. Yes, they are there still there, in exactly the same manner as when I first saw them. As soon as I acknowledge that they are here, I open my computer to document their message:

Dear Suzille, 
Remember that here and there are third dimensional terms. When you first perceived us within your time-bound reality, you opened the portal through which you could perceive us whenever you choose to look.

In other words, what you perceive is an opened portal on which we, Mytre and the Arcturian, have left an imprint. This “imprint” is much like a key to open the portal so that you can again, and infinitely, perceive the higher dimensions of reality.

We, Mytre and the Arcturian, serve as the “door” to this portal. Hence when you choose to perceive our imprint, it is much like opening the door to that portal. What we wish to tell you now is that this portal is not in your physical office. The portal is actually within your own higher states of consciousness.

The reason why you perceive the portal in front of the inside of your office doorway is because that room is where you frequently meditate, create, and assist others. Those inter-dimensional activities have expanded the energy field of that room into a higher resonant frequency.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy On 9-

Channelled By Sheldan Nidle

5 Chicchan, 18 Zip, 12 Manik

Ummac Dan
Selamat Balik! Over the past few months, this world progressed from being one in which the dark cabal was still in charge to one where these scurrilous crooks are on the ropes. The various groups of our Earth allies are finally realizing how this world’s scenario needs to be accommodated. As consciousness rises in this realm, the financial system changes and the new prosperity require a reveal. We have asked that this set of precise procedures be done at a much quicker level. This advice, as said previously, was largely ignored.

The time is now ripe for these changes to be manifested and explained to you. The coming prosperity is simply an instrument by which you can achieve your dreams. Use these symbols of power to remake your world into one that is peaceful and harmonious. Be aware of what you are doing. Let it all flow and use your synchronistic powers to alter things gracefully and divinely. This world needs to change and to alter how it perceives itself. The old violent ways require an ending. The diversity of culture requires an honoring. You need to reside in a wondrous land with technology to end poverty and hunger. The world needs to see itself as a big and glorious family!

Archangel Michael On The Ascension Portal, Pillars, And The New Domain

ArchangelMichael Ron HeadI talked to Archangel Michael about September 28 as the date of the first wave of Ascension. He said that people have been ascending and returning for some time now so this is not the first wave. He said that some people like to mark occasion and feel the need for dates so this date was given. But people are ascending all the time now in this heightened energy.

He discusses the situation for pillars and the newness of the domain we’re “going” to (I may need to cease using the metaphor of “going to” because we don’t “go” anywhere).

My mission is to go up with everyone else and write about my experience of it as I go. I therefore usually share more than the next person. I do so in the interests of pushing the ball forward but also in alignment with the requirements of the awareness path for as much transparency as is prudent and possible. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

* * *

Steve Beckow: Is September 28th the day of the first wave of Ascension?

Archangel Michael: You know that we do not talk about dates. Is the beginning of the “exhale” (1)  already started? The answer is yes. So when people wish to choose dates, then this is a good date.

Steve: I am promoting it because so many other people have said it: Matt Kahn, Patricia Diane Cota Robles, SaLuSa. Was Michael Love’s channeling of you credible?

AAM: Yes, it was.

GaiaPortal: “Hostilities” Have Ceased

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-23-15

"Hostilities" have ceased.

Openings for Higher Galactics are cleared.

Effective "landings" now approved.

Sentience is recognized for "observations".

Hominids and Galactics, in Unison, uplift humanity.

Stars of Silence flash.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cosmic Awareness: Wave X

Channelled By Will Berlinghoff On 9-20-15

That which is coming is that which has long been underway. That this Awareness will not go into great detail, but It will highlight some very relevant points

It will start by highlighting that event that has been underway for several months that many are aware of, that which is called “Wave X”. That “Wave X” represents and holds within it the energy of higher consciousness, of that which this Awareness would call Divine Consciousness. It is approaching this planet, Planet Earth, Gaia, for the purpose of shifting consciousness, of breaking the strangle-hold that has been on the planet for so long by a select few, extraterrestrial ones and those that serve them.

That the ones in power know this, and that there have been attempts to divert this “Wave,” notably the firing up of the Cern Hadron Collider, which was meant to send a beam x split this “Wave”, divert this “wave”. This attempt failed. Therefore, those in power are faced with having to take another course of action. That course of action is to rather create the New World Order, that which has been striven for and driven for and towards for so long.

That there will be an attempt in this week coming, through the auspices of the organization known as the United Nations to present an agenda that is allegedly for the benefit of humanity. This agenda will be known by a title such as “Agenda 2030”.

The Arcturian Group

Channelled By Marilyn Raffaele On 9-20-15

Dear ones, you are beginning to see many changes in your world. Try not to hold concepts regarding what those changes must look like in order to be valid, but instead learn to be silent observers of everything around you. Observe peoples' reactions and listen to what they are saying. Note the increasing furor of politicians scrambling to keep you where they want you, in fear and old energy. Notice how advertising seems to have become ever increasingly loud and annoying.

All forms of old and dense energy are trying very hard to hold on in spite of the ever increasing Light of awareness flooding to earth this time. Those still holding tightly to the fear based projections of un-awakened consciousness are simply unaware and as of yet uninterested in knowing that there are more evolved and easier ways of living.

These dear souls continue to wage intense resistance to change in hopes of keeping themselves and the world in what is known or profitable, using tools that no longer resonate with many. Most of you are discovering that it has become very easy to see through the nonsense... you no longer live at that level.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Team: Morning Message #63 - DNA

Channelled By Peggy Black On 9-20-15

Your DNA is interactive with your thoughts/emotions/ beliefs. Your DNA is interactive with others. Your DNA is interactive with the energy of the universe.

Galactic power surges, solar flares, vibrating a pure frequency of joy/gratitude/ appreciation all contribute to the triggering... the switching on of more and more of the dormant aspects of your DNA.

Human beings are made up of complex fields of energy...all interweaving, moving, shifting and changing moment-to-moment.

These energy fields interact with other humans beyond words or consciousness. More is shared and communicated on the subtle energy grids of each person than words spoken. When two people come together there is a total interface... a mixing as it were of the energy fields of each one... volumes of information is available to both.

As the DNA codes and programs are activated... this awareness of being in more than one reality at any moment will become the norm.

Humans are realizing they are multidimensional. They are interactive in other realities. They are more magnificent than they can ever imagine. They can read emotional history and experiences in one in breath. They can process data and information on another level while staying focused on this reality and dimension.

©2006 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. subscribe to the FREE 88 messages.

Spiritual Common Sense

KRYON, Through Lee Carroll

From Kryon Live Channel, "Soul Journeying, Part 2"
March 2014 in Auckland, NZ 
You're walking around feeling small. Why is that? Why do you humble yourself before God?

Now, I just got in trouble, didn't I?

You are told that being humble before God is a good thing!

However, if you are a piece of God, why are you humbling yourself before yourself?

Does this information make sense to you?

It's time to use evolving Spiritual common sense. If you are a piece of creation, you don't have to bow to yourself.

GaiaPortal: Steadfastness Is Applied By Increasing Numbers Of Hue-Beings

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-21-15

Steadfastness is applied by increasing numbers of Hue-Beings.

Holographic manifestations from lower levels increase.

Flash points avoided.

Stemmed relations converge.

Frequencies of though increase.

Martinizations* flourish, as congruences are noted.

(I read 'Martinizations' as referring to the accelerated, planet-wide 'mopping-up operation' which is finally removing Team Dark from it's positions of authority.  Git Sum!!! - DT)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Quality Of Joy

Channelled Via Marlene Swetlishoff On 9-17-15

Beloved Ones,
I would like to have discourse on the quality of Love that is known as Joy.

Joy is felt within an individual who trusts and is aware that they are part of the infinite oneness and loving power and exuberance of the universe. This awareness opens their mind and heart, expanding their consciousness and allows them to live and express their truth fully and freely.

Their experience of life allows unlimited opportunities to seek expression through them. They have a balanced ego which allows them to understand that they do not have to justify their presence on Earth or the decisions and choices they make to anyone else. They know that they and they alone, bear full responsibility for the direction their life takes.

They contend or argue with no one and are firmly true to self which sets them free to feel a wonderful joy, peace and lightness within. Their entire being is filled with the realization of the love, perfection and spirit of joy that lives within them. They know that they have everything necessary within them for the full and complete expression of the boundless experience of joy and celebration of life.

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Arcturians – Collapsing Time

As we swing into the incoming higher frequencies I will limit my postings to just those messages which resonate to my inner knowing as being 'of the moment'.   Please exercise your discriminating awareness with these, and all channelled materials, as the dis-information machine is currently pumping out mass quantities of good-sounding but twisted messages.  
Caveat Emptor...DT


Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 9-17-15

OutOfTimeAs time continues to collapse, the concept of remembering is gradually replaced with the concept of KNOWING. At first “knowing” feels similar to remembering, but you increasingly realize that remembering had doubt, whereas knowing IS. In other words, when you KNOW, you are free of all doubt.

Being free of doubt is difficult as there is nowhere to hide, and you are completely vulnerable and in the daily process of full disclosure of all that has blocked your Ascension so far.

This freedom from doubt is amazingly liberating. Most of you have had no idea how much doubt interfered in your life, as you had never lived without it. Freedom from doubt allows you to progress deeper and deeper into the NOW of “knowing.”

Remembering is a time-based concept because you perceive your Self in the present while you begin to remember the past. Therefore, remembering is a third/fourth dimensional construct.

We use the word “construct” because your third/fourth dimensional brain has constructed a “barrier” around unsafe memories from your past. That “past” could have been yesterday or myriad lives ago in your third-dimensional time.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

GaiaPortal: Illuminations Commence

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-17-15

Sumerian crypts are exhumed and cleared.

Conflagrations unneeded.

Entrances scheduled.

Light pathways have been defined.

Sacred sights are noted and uplifted.

Illuminations commence.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jesus: Love Is Always Present, Like The Air You Breathe


Channelled Via John Smallman On 9-14-15

We are One, there is no separation. Deep within you know that, and we here in the spiritual realms have been reminding you of this regularly for a very long time.

Modern physics knows it, but does not wish to state it quite so simply because it would appear to show that physicists have discovered the existence of God and must therefore become believers. That is something the vast majority of them are not yet ready to admit to.

The evidence is clear, very clear, but these physicists are focusing on “far more important issues,” they are still seeking the smallest and most basic particles in the universe via the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, and yet Reality is infinitely vast! Meanwhile their spiritual thoughts are kept private and, if possible, left undisturbed.

However, the human collective is way ahead of the game here because so many books, articles, and documentaries have shown irrefutably that humans are far, far more than chemical reactions and electro-magnetic impulses in the brain. The reality of spirit has been demonstrated again and again, and only those who have chosen to remain in denial of the truth of this refuse to admit it.

Denial is used because this truth is terrifying for many and it enables them to dismiss the possibility of spirit as wishful thinking by those who are afraid of death while themselves maintaining an air of nonchalance about the shocking brevity and seeming lack of meaning of an individual human life.

Kryon - To Be Here Now


Channelled By Lee Carroll

From Kryon Live Channel, "Human Lighthouse Filters"
December 2006 in Newport Beach, CA 

“Dear Spirit, I am alive in the years that will save the Earth, and I am here to make a change on the planet. I hereby drop all the vows that would get in the way of that, for they belong to another consciousness and another energy.

Instead, I renew my vows with the same Akashic energy that took them originally. All of the lifetimes that are now under me are my support. And like a rod of energy that I will put down this line through my own history, I take control of them all now. I will need the help of all the consciousness of these many souls who I was, from the time I first came to this planet.

Together we will create a white light like this planet has never seen. The light of the many me’s, focused through the current me. That’s why I came this time, and that’s why I have existed through the ages—to be here now.”