Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Final Equinox-Blood Moon Eclipse Gateway

Channelled By Sandra Walter On 9-8-15

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Significantly higher frequency light has been consistent since the Cosmic Trigger at the end of August. I AM sure you are experiencing the wild and wonderful aspects of this influx. It launched us into the completion of this two-year project of Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Gateways. While it is by no means a final gateway, it is interesting to see so many awakened to this project as it reaches completion. This tetrad of Gateways activated the embodiment phase of Christ Consciousness, and for many of you the reality of the Golden Race upon Gaia has become quite vivid.

It is important to stay focused as anxieties – and rampant sensationalism – attempt to distract from this project’s true purpose. Many of you remember the beginning of this tetrad in early 2014; the entrance of energies which would accelerate the Shift for those choosing to Ascend. The completion of this tetrad sends Gatekeepers into a new phase of service work, while simultaneously supporting embodiment of the new consciousness.

In the last few articles, it was revealed that the Solar Cosmic Christ templates, which have been used as a path to embodiment thousands of years, are being alchemically transformed by the collective. We are creating something brand new which supports the evolution of consciousness, as well as the dissolvement of that which does not serve a new Universal agenda of un-compromised Peace.

Spiritual Maturity

Choices made prior to last month’s trigger are already blossoming for many in the Light Tribe. Consistent alignment, adjustment, and flexibility are needed to navigate these unique frequencies entering our Solar system. Understand that the outcome of these more intense passages are dependent upon the foundation you have laid, and your commitment to holding New Light in your consciousness, fields and body vehicle. You have created platforms for those pure Oversoul qualities and desires to stand on. As the amplification grows stronger, it is complimentary to consistently reset your perspective, fields, and activities to keep up with the deluge of New Light.

As a Gatekeeper and Wayshower, it is fascinating to experience dramatic changes in my consciousness in this Now moment. While the physical changes are interesting, and the side-effects become more unique from person to person, it is the expansion of consciousness and the experience it brings which makes this journey well worth the effort. I feel we are (finally) moving into a phase when the collective will understand the larger Galactic perspective, rather than obsessing over the physical, governmental or planetary changes indicative of a dimensional Shift.

The Equinox wave may make the new consciousness aspect very palpable, if we have a large percentage of the collective more focused on the internal birthing of the Solar Heart consciousness than on external anxieties. Personally I would rather not delay or step down the energies any longer, and it seems the high-vibe collective is moving forward regardless of the distractions. The light is bombarding us, however it is our engagement with it which creates our new realities. Certainly an interesting area on the map.

Gatekeepers, We Feel You 

The Equinox wave, which is already in progress, creates deep shifts in the magnetics of the planet and significant veil-thinning. While the visuals grow vibrant and bizarre, the vagus nerve ear singing grows more complex, and the heart center takes on a new life of its own, we remain calm, focused and clear for the influx of light. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers are focused on stability, so that those taking on embodiment have the maximum amount of support possible. It is important to work with the land, water, crystals, kingdoms and elementals consistently throughout September in order to make this as easy as possible for all concerned.

The abundance of programs, anxieties and sensationalism surrounding this last tetrad passage is a clear indication of its significance in our Ascension process. If you are late to the Equinox-Blood Moon intel, feel free to join our focus. The energies available from September 9 – 13th are preparation for the coordinated Gateway opening on September 19. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, do your best to hold the Higher Light in place, and let the lower frequencies drop away.

It already feels very transcendent, so many of you will need to step away from the collective in order to serve in the clearest, calmest, and most focused way possible. Obviously there is a lot being thrown at us, and in our integrity we simply step away from distractions. Gold and Crystalline/Diamond frequencies are keys to these Solar Cosmic Christ Gateways. Use them creatively to reflect your own unique expression within this collective focus on embodiment support.

Embodiment Protocol: Adept-Level

Transforming density to a higher state of consciousness demands adept-level intention. Use your Divine intelligence to merge with the oversoul/I AM Template of the New HUman.

Here are a few suggestions from the Ascension Path September protocol:

1--Maintain alignment with the Higher Self Perspective

2– Meditate on the Heart Center/Solar Cosmic Christ center to receive activations

3– As much Nature time as possible; codes are flowing through Solaris (SUN), Gaia, kingdoms and elementals right now that seek and find resonate structures in your energy fields. Vibration = vibration; get out in it and breathe it in. This is nourishment for your transition to a new level of consciousness; honor it.

4– Silence is Golden, literally. The frequency of Gold is the interface between Source and our DNA. Meditate with this frequency, circulate it through your torus fields, and the collective/Gaia. We use the crystalline consciousness existing all around us; our crystalline internal structures align with it and it changes the container for our consciousness.

5– Avoid folks who use polarity as spiritual conversation. It is not the time for that. You own your Ascension; it is not open for debate. Your perspective and your heart are not up for review. You are an Ascension artist; design it to reflect the unique Source-Spark of your Heart.

6– You are infinite; Choose your path and experience it. Change that path if you’re not experiencing what you desire. The light turns up the volume on our choices, and it will get very uncomfortable if your actions don’t align with the trajectory of your intentions.

7– Eliminate any last vestiges of the old Self. Challenge yourself to dropping things which feel unnecessary now. If it is meant to be, it will come back.

8– Be aware of the new grounding in service and creativity as your expression in form changes. Grounding is no longer grounding into mediocrity or the density; it is anchoring these new levels of creativity into our lifestreams and the noosphere. Be unique, shatter the mundane.

9– Recognize interference and shut it down. Distraction and emotional triggers access us through fears stored in the subconscious. Shut down the fear, shut down the access. Shut down the external access altogether if you can. Avoid online activities, anxiety, searching, or drama. Tune into your heart and take advantage of the support for a permanent internal shift.

10– Engage in practices which please the Heart and calm the Lower levels as they transform.

11– Support the planetary detox with body detoxification if you have not done this.

12– Oxygenation supports cellular changes and resets; move, move, move.

13– Meditation is deep, powerful and important for stabilization within the collective as well as your own consciousness as it transforms.

Fall in Love with Divine Love

Photonic Light is a Cosmic frequency of Divine Love. It is a natural force with an agenda to create Balance, Purity, Harmony, Evolution. The Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse is not the last Gateway ever; that belief is spiritual sensationalism. We are merely experiencing an onslaught of higher-level light because so many of us are expanding into larger energy fields, so the planet can release more of that light (the monitoring of photons comes from both outside and inside the planet since the Gate merge last year). The completion of this divine tetrad creates stability as the platform for re-creating 3-D collapses next year.

Embodiment IS the stability needed to bridge the worlds. Solar Cosmic Christ templates are Universal, however the individual (fractalized) expression of them is unique. Let us all unite in our intention of Service to the New Light and show HUmanity what is possible.

For our Unified Focus:

Equinox: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 1:22 AM PT (Pacific Time)
The September Equinox occurs the moment the SUN crosses the celestial equator, a point in space above the Earth’s equator equidistant from North to South poles.

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse September 27 at 7:47pm PT
The eclipse peaks from 7:11pmPT – 8:23pmPT and is at least partially visible in Europe, South/East Asia, Africa, Much of North America, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the Arctic and Antarctica.

I will be offline through the end of the month in order to serve and experience these heightened energies. Source bless our endeavors and reveal Divinity through every heart willing to engage in Ascension at this time. Blessings upon Gaia, the kingdoms, elementals, beloved HUmanity, and this grand Cosmic project of the Return of the Christ.

In Love, Light, and Service,
Gratitude donations welcome, thank you!

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