Thursday, September 3, 2015

Arcturian Morning Message #57 - Shadow Shapes

Channelled By Peggy Black On 9-2-15

The physical reality in which you are embodied has much beauty and wonder. It offers the opportunities to express gratitude and appreciation. From our perspective your physical reality is patterns of light vibrations. Humans have the physical equipment that allows them to see and observe the patterns of light vibrations as solid.

This is called the "illusion". You see the tree outside your window--it appears solid. You could climb this tree in its solidness. You are well aware of the accumulation of leaves which drop from this tree. They are also solid. They have form, texture, shape, and weight. If you cut this tree down, the wood that you could burn would provide warmth. It is a solid, dense, very slow vibrational energy.

The vibrational patterns, the template, the design of this tree are all held in place on the sixth dimension. Remember as a child when you would make shadow shapes upon the wall with the light? It is similar to that concept. Your fingers created the shape of the dog or bird and the light behind your hand created the shadow on the wall.

The physical realities that feel solid and appear real in the third and fourth dimensions are held in place by the reflection of divine intent in the sixth dimension. Remember everything, everything is vibration.

Just as there are vibrations of sound that are vibrating too fast or too slow for your ears to hear, there are light vibrational patterns that are moving so fast your eyes cannot see the vibrations.

Spirit embodied in the human form is restricted by beliefs in limitations. The human body was designed to operate, maneuver and manage the energetic signatures of the third and fourth dimensions.

Spirit, divine mind, your multidimensional self, has waited for you to become aware and dwell in your expanded consciousness, anchored in the physical realms.

A multidimensional human has the capacity to see and sense the shadow shapes on the wall as well as seeing and sensing the hand that is making the pattern and the awareness that they are the light which shines on the hand that makes the shadow.

This elevated awareness allows you to either shift the light or change the patterns or shadow shapes that the hand is making.

There will come a time you will see the tree, and see the energy vibrations resonating from the tree and sense how the tree is touching and weaving into your matrix. This awareness will expand to include the stars.

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