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True Abundance

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A lot of people talk about the Law of Attraction and the ways we can manifest abundance, and the book (and movie) ‘The Secret’ usually comes to mind when this subject is brought up.
If you’re as much a part of the spiritual community on the internet as me, you’ve probably seen all kinds of advice about manifesting abundance and eliminating lack from your life. While most of it can help, it’s incomplete if we don’t keep a few things in mind.

One is that our level of abundance is determined by our connection with Source and our relationship with our inner universe.

If our connection with this part of ourselves is strong and we’re grateful for life, our inner abundance will naturally express itself in the external world. If we hunger for abundance but our connection is depleted, our hunger will never be satisfied – even if we win the lottery or find a life partner we think is perfect for us.

The more of an effort we make to sustain our connection, which things like prayer, meditation and even music can help with, the stronger it’ll be and the more our abundance will flow as a result. We’ll eventually have no more trouble with our level of abundance, and we’ll be okay with whatever circumstances we face each day because our higher consciousness will help us through them (as long as we stay open).

True abundance lives within, and at any time, we can call it up to the surface and invite it to flow through us.

This requires us to be grateful and stay connected with Source, and it also requires the simple understanding that seeking abundance outside of ourselves is futile. We’ll disappoint ourselves if we look for abundance, fulfillment or satisfaction in the world, and we’re bound to become miserable if we focus on having more money or possessions.

Most people immediately think of money when they hear the word ‘abundance’, but the kind of abundance most of us strive for would minimize the ‘need’ for money or anything else external.

We won’t be worried about our money, our status in the world or anything else that feeds the ego when we tap into this level of abundance, because we’ll already have everything we need. Most people have forgotten that the best treasure lies in an open, compassionate heart and a mind that can be used for the betterment of humanity, and everything changes when we focus more on helping others than getting ahead in life.

Some people want abundance because they want to help others, and they figure they can spread the wealth if they have more money. They can if they remember that the best kind of service is the unconditional kind that’s given with an open heart and the willingness to help others regardless of one’s financial status, and if they’re devoted enough, they’ll find a way to help people even if they don’t have money to spare.

Helping people doesn’t necessarily require money, but it can enable us to do a lot of good in the world if we’re in the right frame of mind and we don’t become greedy or selfish. The best way to get into this frame of mind, in my opinion, is to return to love and let this creative, compassionate force spread like wildfire.

We connect with our creator through love, and we manifest abundance through gratitude and appreciation for life. The more grateful we are, the more our inner universe picks up on our gratitude and gives us more to be grateful for. Similarly, the more we complain, the more it gives us to complain about.

Since the inner universe is one with our thoughts, feelings and expressions, it constantly reacts to what we send out and gives us more of what we focus on. Therefore, if we focus on negativity or lack, these qualities (and the circumstances that are associated with them) are all we’ll receive. The same can be said about love and abundance, and however cliché this will sound, the pathway to more abundance is to be thankful for what we already have.

No matter what circumstances we live under, we all have something to be grateful for.

Even if we only have one or two things, we can focus wholly on them with the knowledge that our inner universe will give us more to be grateful for if we don’t give up. We have to start small sometimes, and you’d be amazed to find out where some of the most abundant and influential people started out.

A lot of them started out on the bottom like so many spiritual seekers, and through the awesome power of gratitude, they manifested so much more to enjoy about life. I’m sure a lot of them are still thankful for even the smallest things.

A positive outlook can go a long way when it comes to creating abundance, but the best thing we can do is transcend our perception of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ and learn that everything simply is.

If we expect abundance to constantly flow or every situation or circumstance to be ‘positive’, we’ll inevitably create negativity because our standards will be too high and nothing will be able to meet them. If they’re met once or twice, we’ll probably raise them (without realizing it) and set ourselves up for disappointment later on.

When we accept our circumstances instead of judging them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, we’ll learn a lot from the ones we used to think were ‘bad’. We’ll enjoy everything life throws our way, and we’ll know we’ve achieved real transcendence when we’re grateful for experiences we used to dread.

Abundance flows when we can be in harmony with life and gratefully learn from difficult circumstances, and we can accept challenges we used to run from when we’re in a truly abundant frame of mind, thereby increasing our ability to learn crucial lessons.

Everything is here to help us grow, and while most people search the world for abundance, what we seek is everywhere – we’ve simply forgotten about it and convinced ourselves we need more. Life is abundance, and we only need to look around for this to become clear.

No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise, we have a lot to be thankful for and we just need to open our eyes to realize it. When we do, we’ll tap into the innate beauty and sentience of life and the things we’ll witness will amaze us. They’ll be no different from what we used to witness, but we’ll be different and our reality will seem to shift into something much more incredible to reflect our new outlook.

We’ll be too busy with this newfound awakening to care about how much money we have, because we’ll know that our existence is enough. We don’t have to do or possess anything flashy to be valuable spiritual beings, and we’re all valuable in the eyes of Source.

Above all, let’s remember that love is the launching point for abundance and a satisfying, spiritually energized life. Love creates life, so it’s basically the key to manifesting any kind of abundance in this holographic game we call reality. It provides us with everything we need to physically and spiritually survive while we try to help humanity, so along with being thankful for life, let’s remember to show this creative force some gratitude.

Like anything else, love increases when we’re thankful for it and this is enough of a reason to give thanks and let it flow unconditionally. We don’t need a reason to do it, and in fact, leaving the confines of the mind – which needs a reason for everything – is the best way to tap into it (and the abundance we search for) on a real level.

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness, September 4, 2015 –

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