Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Team: Every Moment Is Ripe With Potential

From Peggy Black And The 'team' On 9-8-15

We are here observing your reactions to the fast moving energies and frequencies you are experiencing. We know that you are feeling the acceleration. These are powerful times to be in physical form, alive and witnessing this shift. We also acknowledge that these unfolding events are challenging. Let us assure you that you are up to the job of anchoring and stabilizing this rise in consciousness. Remember that every moment is ripe with potential.

We want to address the galactic waves that are bathing humanity. Each individual as well as the collective is influenced by what might be called galactic weather or space weather. These waves and frequencies not only influence but truly prompt the actions of humanity.  More and more of your scientists are bringing clarity to this phenomenon, recognizing that the consciousness of individuals and the collective responds to the prompting of solar flares and full moons as well as coronal mass ejections from your sun.

It is known that during full moons there is an increase in violence. The gravitational pull of the moon affects your oceans and since humans are at least 75% water, they too are affected and influenced by the moon. Governments around the world are aware of the power of solar flares and how that energy can, and often does, interrupt your electronic readings, the communications of aircraft and the many satellites circling your earth.

Coronal mass ejections are magnetic explosions of energy in the form of electrons and photons of light. When these coronal mass ejections occur, many individuals feel a sense of security, serenity and well-being, just as when there is a cosmic storm, unrest and disturbances are felt by all.

We want you to begin to be aware of just how you are responding to these magnetic energies and photons of light packets that are being offered from the galaxy. Study what is happening in space because you are truly being prompted by theses celestial energies and gifts. This energy is connected to the evolutionary awakening of humanity.

These magnetic waves do influence and stimulate the awakening that is occurring within each and every human on your planet. This energy is activating latent codes. We have spoken and suggested that your very DNA responds to the light packets of photons so gradually that you might not be aware of these gentle activations and recalibrations. Most of these changes occur in such subtle ways that you do not realize they have taken place.

However, there is an internal shift being made within your very circuits. In the coming months there will be a hastening, a quickening of what is being offered from your galactic center.

There is an accelerated rate and frequency that you are experiencing as well as witnessing within humanity; it will continue till the end of your year and beyond.  Realize that this speeding up of electromagnetic energy can certainly cause some people to react in a more violent manner. There is certainly more unrest and chaos, especially with the monetary system around the planet.

This is not a time to anchor any form of fear. You are a powerful multidimensional divine creator, know this and claim this. You are here to anchor this true awakening and seed this potent field with a new reality.

There is a powerful frequency of gamma light coming from the galactic center or core. Understand that gamma ray bursts of energy are the most powerful explosions in the known universe. They can discharge as much energy as your Sun during its entire 10 billion year lifetime.

This intense intergalactic frequency of energy is advancing at optimal strength and culminating during your next full moon and total lunar eclipse.

This has been called "The Event Horizon" and it happens every 3,600 years. This intense frequency of galactic energies will trigger an awakening in humanity that will manifest shifts in the actions and consciousness of all for years and centuries to come.

You are now witnessing and experiencing the ending of one great galactic cycle and the beginning of another. The completion of this incredible cosmic cycle is stretching your understanding of what is reality. It is activating your awareness and inviting you to welcome the true understanding of the extraordinary dimensional shift of which you are an active part. You are the chalice for these incoming vibrations; anchor them fully into the field and matrix.

Understand that humanity is in a process of cosmic alchemy that is transforming your DNA, expanding your consciousness and shifting your physical body from the carbon-based matrix and blueprint to a precise, accomplished and elegant crystalline matrix and organism.

There are alignments occurring which open cosmic portals allowing energies to flow to this reality and timeframe, raising everything to a higher vibration and frequency.  Be mindful to care for your physical form as your body is the chalice in which this intense cosmic awakening is being anchored into your dimension. Rest, hydrate yourself, be in nature as much as possible, breathe deeply and sigh into your exhale regularly. Be mindful of the use of stimulants. Put your electronic devices aside for a while.

Remember and say often, I am fully embodied, anchored to earth and connected to Divine Source. Imagine pulsating light flooding the cells and DNA throughout your body with messages of aliveness and well-being.

Be aware that your starseed codes are being triggered, allowing you to establish a true resonance with the higher dimensional realities. Know that you are experiencing your fifth dimensional Self and beyond. Release your third dimensional limitation to this awareness and reality.

Understand that you are anchoring the gift of cosmic light. This cosmic light has the ability to transmute old karmic patterns and limited programs from all your past embodiments. Invite this to occur; intend this process of transmutation/transformation to unfold in a gentle and graceful manner.  Understand that every moment is ripe with potential.

Use your ability to imagine and your ability to focus, to seed, as well as anchor, a world and reality in which all beings thrive, in which all beings are honored, loved, nurtured, and respected. Envision and claim your partnership with your beloved planet Earth. Envision the divine partnership between all living things. Envision your oceans clean, your air clear, and your forests restored. Envision your foods nourishing, healthy and available for all.

Begin to accept that you are a major part of this evolution and that you are connected to the whole. Honor yourself as you create a sacred space. Create a ceremony or ritual that will allow you to be the chalice for this seeding. You can be alone or gather with others and anchor these powerful energetic gifts. Make clear intentions as you imprint this energy with your visions of life sustaining actions and realities. Share this information.

The event you have labeled the Harmonic Convergence that occurred almost 30years ago offered a powerful surge of energy which served to trigger and awaken humanity. This is the next surge which will offer humanity the opportunity for advanced enhancement of awakening.

Reach out and invite the support of other sentient beings. Recognize that humanity is moving to a level of Planetary Consciousness, a level of Oneness with all. Invite the awareness that you are entangled, intertwined with all starseed beings here on your planet and those who are non-physical aspects of consciousness.

Now is the time. We celebrate your expansion; we support your personal and global transformation.  Invite us as well as all loving beings of Light to assist you and others as you move through these challenging yet exciting times. the 'team'

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