Monday, September 21, 2015

The Team: Morning Message #63 - DNA

Channelled By Peggy Black On 9-20-15

Your DNA is interactive with your thoughts/emotions/ beliefs. Your DNA is interactive with others. Your DNA is interactive with the energy of the universe.

Galactic power surges, solar flares, vibrating a pure frequency of joy/gratitude/ appreciation all contribute to the triggering... the switching on of more and more of the dormant aspects of your DNA.

Human beings are made up of complex fields of energy...all interweaving, moving, shifting and changing moment-to-moment.

These energy fields interact with other humans beyond words or consciousness. More is shared and communicated on the subtle energy grids of each person than words spoken. When two people come together there is a total interface... a mixing as it were of the energy fields of each one... volumes of information is available to both.

As the DNA codes and programs are activated... this awareness of being in more than one reality at any moment will become the norm.

Humans are realizing they are multidimensional. They are interactive in other realities. They are more magnificent than they can ever imagine. They can read emotional history and experiences in one in breath. They can process data and information on another level while staying focused on this reality and dimension.

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