Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Team - Message #66: The Portal Of Now

Channelled By Peggy Black On 9-29-15

We actually marvel at the busyness and various and diverse ways humans use their time, energy and focus. In this physical reality the goal is to understand, manage and transform energy that is dense and limiting, to bring the purest consciousness to everything.

Most humans perform their tasks and activities mentally absent from the action. They are thinking of something else. Their mind is traveling to the past and to the future. Rarely do they stay fully present in the NOW.

This is especially true of mundane tasks, repeated over and over, day in and day out. There is an automatic behavior that performs the task and the human is not fully aware or conscious of the energy or any difference in the grid or field. By not being fully in the NOW they don't bring their consciousness of light to the moment.

Most humans stay in the activities of the mind. They allow the mind free rein of the day and the energy that flows through the body. They are spendthrifts in regards to the divine transformational energy that is given upon each breath, unaware of the power they have to shift any activity they are involved with.

They complete one task in order to complete another, like a duty totally absent of any feeling or heart connection. It is time to develop the keen awareness that no matter what you are doing in your daily life, it is affecting the entire universal matrix. We repeat--anything you are doing affects the matrix.

The mundane task of paying your bills can be a moment of divine transformation for you and for the energy grid, if you bring your full presence into the activity. You can infuse this simple action with your light and your blessings with such intent that it will be felt by others involved in the process.

Step into the sacred awareness that you have the power to infuse toxic, low vibrations with uplifting, transforming cosmic vibrations at all times. Practice bringing this incredible divine light into everything that you do.

The more you bring your consciousness into the NOW and stay in your heart frequency, the quicker your reality will shift and transform. It is the dwelling on the past and the projecting into the future that keeps you from dancing in the NOW.

The NOW moment is where the power is. The NOW moment is a place of sacred balance. The NOW moment offers a clear, pure portal for manifestation.

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