Thursday, April 30, 2020

Disclosure Digest 5-1-20

Everything I Know About Blogging

I Learned From The J. Peterman Catalog

James McConnell channelling KaRa of the Pleiades; straight out of Ten forward - Grokfest:

The Astrodienst folks in Switzerland produce a fine monthly Astrology overview; Enjoy:

An Antediluvian Peter B. Meyer dig and a de-code of Lisa Renee’s work on the Atlantean Debacle:

Illusory acquisition for Illuminuttys; their Treason's will revert ill-gotten gains to US Treasury Got It:

What Benny wouldn't do to illuminate the Goyim; been that way since he was knee high to a Dreidel:

The Silent War continues as another effective, safe and cheap CV treatment gets digitally Punished:

Tony, Tony, Tony better stick to Trumps script or you too will sleep with the fishes; Capisce?

X22 Dave is hittin' on all two cylinders today, with a throaty roar reminiscent of a Royal Enfield:

Our closer article today is courtesy of Patricia C-R; it would seem that May is prime for Liftoff:

GaiaPortal: Freedom Channels Are Recognized

Channelled By ÉirePort On 4-30-20 @12:12

Westward winds are carried on the morning.

Crags are hammered and removed.

Narrows of Light are followed.

Freedom channels are recognized.

Disclosure Digest 4-30-20

May Peace Be Upon You All

Thanks to Jennifer Crokaert for this advice on Love in dark times from Big Momma; Git Sum:

This classic dig comes to us from Corey Goode and David Wilcock of the Sphere Being Alliance:

Q gives us the CURE for Covid-19 (and many related) virus’); So many Booms, so little Time::

Often time words to describe Sorcha's articles just fail me and that's embarrassing for a Wordsmith:

It always feels right to give Creator the last words in any given Digest; MazelCiao:

You Are Creating The New Earth Manual

We Hippies and our Whole Earth Catalog were way ahead of the herd and their so-called immunity. Just sayin'

By Brenda Hoffman On 4-27-20

Old style cut and paste, Stewart Brand on left.
Dear Ones,
Today is another day of celebration. Not a celebration you might have expected in your former 3D life, but a celebration of now.

Those who wish to exit during this time of chaos are doing so. And those of you participating in the creation of your new world have initiated it.

Of course, you cannot yet see or sense that such is so. You can likely only perceive that you are adjusting to the new normal. As a result, you have new thoughts and actions. You are abandoning your life as it was in 3D and pondering life beyond COVID-19.

Perhaps such a shift does not seem that important, for you have accepted your new reality. The reality we are celebrating today. But then, until you reached this plateau, you were not capable of creating beyond 3D.

Granted, you had dreams that may have been fulfilled. But those dreams were limited to your 3D knowledge. You are now opening to new horizons.

That is not to say that the loss of a loved one is not painful. Or your fears related to the virus are wrong. But that your creativity is shifting in ways, you could not envision before this halt to your 3D life.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Musings From Recently Censored Senior Anon

Joe M Verified Account@StormIsUponUs

Some weeks since being banned from Twitter. Still no explanation other than I was "creating multiple accounts for abusive purposes" which of course is total baloney because I only had one that I used.

I've watched the #HiddenEnemy and their media apparatus do everything they can to extend the shutdown, impose insecure voting methods, suppress the "miracle" cure #Hydroxychloroquine, and every other trick in the book to leverage #Covid19 and keep hurting the American people.

Tyrannical governors showed their true colors by helping to overstep the quarantine measures, while enemy mayors encouraged us to rat on our fellow citizens and call in the Gestapo to arrest anyone without a mask.

America continues to languish in the final years of a global shadow war between an entrenched enemy who had infiltrated every level of government, corporate and legal structure, and who were quietly encircling us as we slept in preparation for no less than a holocaust-style seizure of all we hold dear.

Those of us who have woken up to this many century-old surprise attack on our freedoms now stand guard over the truth, helping to alert our deceived friends to what is being called #TheStorm; an unprecedented global anti-corruption purge of biblical proportions that is set to change the world forever. Humanity's last hope now rests in the form of a benevolent shadow force of patriots who knew our world was being smothered by inconceivably evil criminals, and who had the guts to do something about it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-28-20

If It Wasn't For Bad Luck

[TD] Wouldn't Have No Luck At All

The Punisher begins his appointed rounds as the Durham boat heaves into sight; Gotcha:

If you’re experiencing suffering these days, you might be wondering why? Ponderfest:

This just in from the Corona Baloney de-coder, Jon Rappoport for your further Edification:

Is Big Mike coming out of the Chicago Closet? Thanks to Suzanne Maresca for these tasty Bits:

The multi-dimensional WH moves against Big Pharma are really ramping up; grab Popcorn

I don't know much about Monica but that doesn't stop me from appreciating what she has to Say:

Madonna And Hanx Died-Pope Will Be Gone Soon-Bush Sr. And Jr Talked To Utsava...

 Don't miss the exciting Part 2 of Utsava's latest download; Grokfest Ahoy!

 By Utsava Psychic Medium

(This video is available on

Disclosure Digest 4-27-20


Enlightened And Out Of TP

I'm still amazed at how much Wisdom Creator jams into a few well chosen words; Who'da Thunkit:

A double dip from Dave @X22 Nothing Can Stop The Truth, Relevant Events Are About To Unfold:

The American people vacationing in CV Gulag fail to grasp historic enormity of global Destruction:

As the fear-porn Scamdemic rages on try some Bee Stings to brighten your day; Kekfest:

First volunteer in UK CV vaccine test dies...If at first you don’t succeed, take it as an Omen:

As a longtime Buddhist I gotta love this message from AA Gabriel, we are all Luminous Beings: 

Utsava:Trump Revolutionizes Medicine. Patriots Are In Control. Prince A...

 This is our lovely Swiss Sistar's latest video...pass it on!

By Utsava, Psychic Medium

(This video is available on

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-26-20

It's Cosmic Tara Time

Lovely Blossom plays the perfect foil for her folks-in-the-rafters in this rock-solid Message:

X22 Reports as the Alliance trap closes; astute Anons try not to miss Dave’s daily dose of Savvy:

Laura Eisenhower and Magenta discuss the upwelling planetary detox affecting us All; Listen-Up:

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-25-20

 Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

Gaia, the Archangelic Soul who incarnated as Mother Earth is known to Tibetans as Green Tara:

Down into the ancient multi-D dungeons with Anna Von Reitz we go; some helpful cleaning Tips::

Git sum Messhuginah Corona Baloney Rappin' from Audrey - working title; Lockdown for Idiots:

 Selenite rap is quite good; palm stones are of this material!

It's just heartrending how that poor Royal Clone Double must endure prolonged House Arrest:

Corona Baloney on The REZ; the Navajo and other tribes are finally getting real Care:

The  sad-assed tale of Foul Fauci & Co continues to unfold; one hopes they likes orange Onesies:

Yes we've entered the Theater of the Absurd; Q always insists that we are watching a Movie:

Sistar Sandra Walter checks in from Sedona with a hefty post and lots of specific Ascension Details:

Friday, April 24, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-24-20

Pluto's Gone Retrograde

Major Boomage Imminent

Lovely Lori brings us this message directly from the Fleet in the Rafters; dimensional Ponderfest:

Rosie brings us this message about the NOW visible Unseen; it's been a long time Coming:

For you Morag fans out there here's her long delayed latest download; you provide Punctuation:

The Creator Writings is an endless font of inspiring ascension-coaching Nuggets; got Horsey Sauce?

It's way past time for some Bee-Stings to brighten our view of the divine chaos; Git Sum:

Newly red-pilled Bro Beckow has come up with a saucy dig on the Great Awakening; Nanu Nanu:

Dave has had to split his Report into a censored YT one and an uncensored Bitchute one; Grokkable:

KR at the Era of Light blog has posted this Q analysis on his site; I'm good with most of it, Discern:

Dianne gifts these transmissions from SELF - Time traveling POTUS works for me; Grok-A-Thon:

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-23-20

 Out Of The Fog Of Unknowing

 Vaxatopia Eugenics Appears 

X22 gets censored - and now the rest of the Report; the censored nasty vaxo/pedo Bits:

My inner Knowing insists that Harvard Yard holds many satanic secrets; many Cabal slush Funds:

This reminds me of workshops with Drunvalo, Godfather of Sedona...Sacred turf to the Arcturians:

Mónica Esgueva channels through a little Wisdom on clearing/transmuting our very own Shadow:

This Anon scenario totally resonated for me; Booms = Obama, Children & the Clintons; Kekfest

Thanks to Shelly Young for this timely AAGabriel message; Ponderfest:

GaiaPortal: Harmonious Outcomes Arise From The Chaotics

Channelled By ÉirePort On 4-23-20 @ 05:05

Harmonious outcomes arise from the chaotics.

Evolutions are reasoned.

Standards of the past are released.

Flights of Hue-manity are realized.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-22-20

Are You Ready For Taurus?

Please enjoy this especially good EcoAstrology Update: Taurus New Moon April 22, 2020:

A very focused channelling from the Pleiadian component of the Alliance; well worth a Listen:

A small installment of the Corona Baloney Follies du jour; a little something here for Everybody:

X22 narrative rolls rightly on; it amazes me how Dave gets these videos out day after Day:

Yup, another Cabal politician bites the dust; Nancy, Hillary, Bernie, Sleepy Joe and now Boris 2.0:

This is the latest Holmseth Update...he’s the real deal and the sheer numbers are mind boggling; Oy:

What Should I Ask? Kryon from Reykjavík, Iceland March 22, 2020 as channeled by Lee Carroll:

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-21-20

The Restoration Of Our Galactic Republic

 In 'Moving Into The Golden Age' Teri Wade gives us her overview of current Quantum Events:
 Creator rocks...what more is there to say?

Why it's High Time for some o' them good ole, down home Babylon Bee-Stings; Git Sum:

Sorcha nails the true identity of the creators of the CV attack on humanity: grokfest: 

If one is observant and able to follow the bouncing Adam's apples, much will be revealed; Kekfest:

Monday, April 20, 2020

GaiaPortal: The Children Of Light Are Rescued

Channelled By ÉirePort On 4-20-20 @ 20:20

Deserets are encompassed.

Florets are embraced.

Light touches are enabled.

The Children of Light are rescued.

Disclosure Digest 4-20-20


 Anons Social Distancing

Praying Medic does a thorough dig on the most recent Q Drops; twang yer magic twanger Froggie:

Two if by sea...Sierra NZ groks the massive implications of American Revolution 2.0:

Cay you spell False Flag? [TD} is out of ammo if down to deranged Canadian Prosthodontists:

Carrying water for the WHO...Jordan explores the [DS] Rockefeller medical mafia; Grok-A-Thon

Foul, foul Fauci...his sordid past is getting the spotlight; witness the End of Big Pharma:

Lightworker extraordinaire Jon Rappoport, penned this little intro into his Magnum Opus: 

Petrus did a fine job on this executive summary of the demise of the Cult of Death on Planet Earth:

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-19-20

Kansas Has Gone Bye-Bye

 Sandra Walter is directing the restoration of the Kristos/Crystalline Gaia-Grid: Git Sum:

Today is a Cosmic Reset attention 'cause there will be a quiz in the Morning:

While the whole planet is on solitary Retreat what better time to go Within and find your Inner Light:

Blossom graces us with this condensed two-part download from The Folks in her Rafters:

Phoenix AZ's finest Angelic Interface, Ann Albers, continues her spontaneous Generosity:

As the Glamour slowly wears off the Arcturian Group, via Marilyn Raffaele, hits the Highlights:

 Thanks to Suzanne for the lovely layout on this Ann & The Angels retro Permission Slip:

Disclosure Digest 4-18-20

It's Habbening!

Welcome To The 2nd American Revolution

Has this Compressed Evolution got ya down, bunkie? Well cheer up and click the link Below:

I Totally Agree with Magenta Pixie’s Three Step Process, confesses Bro Beckow; welcome Aboard:

Neo-Facist governors are starting to self destruct in Biden-esque style; the Pain is Coming:

Delusional and high on her new-found ‘power’ Gov. Whitmer is quite publicly Self-Destructing:

Apocalyptioc times indeed! Bee Stings hit home and Hannity is out of the Q Closet; moar Popcorn:

Sorcha dives into the Wuhan Woo Woo dis-info shit-storm now raging; Corona baloney w/Caviar:

Ekhardt Tolle riffs on the little things in our lives;  amusing, mindful and oh so true - grok Sum:

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Protests Against Lockdowns: Here They Come

By Jon Rappoport On 4-17-20

"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion." -- Edmund Burke, 1784.

The Chinese regime broke the ice by imprisoning 50 million people at the start of Operation Fake Pandemic.  It sent a signal to the fascist CDC and World Health Organization that they could command huge imprisonments in other countries.

Well now, in America, a different kind of ice is being broken.  ---The resistance against the imprisonment, against the economic devastation, against the loss of freedom.

The governors of American states are behaving like the governors of the original colonies, taking their orders from a foreign power.  In this case, the power is the CDC, the World Health Organization, and by extension, the United Nations, of which the WHO is a branch. 

Yes, a bloodless coup has already occurred. 

The UN, in particular, has stated in a thousand different ways that it wants the US, and every nation, to bow to a world authority.  The current strategy is medical.  If climate change didn't do the trick, try another angle.

"This will teach the Americans a lesson."

WWCC of 9:The Greatest Show on Earth (Recording of FB Live)

Sorry for the poor picture quality; great live Q&A from the Pixtress...

 By Magenta Pixie On 4-17-20

(This video is available on

Disclosure Digest 4-17-20

A Happy Bedtime Story...

IPOT does a job on the latest Q-posts and Sorcha Fal goes off the Deep Usual:

Yo! Fauci! Lie down with satanic globalist sociopaths and you get up with Indictments:

The LDS going full-on Borg? Actually, it's not much of an imaginative stretch; Kekish:

An overview of Patriots standing up to draconian local governors; Sheeple no more - Git Sum:

Seriously? This Cabal puppet is going through Adrenochrome withdrawal fer Shure:

A somewhat longish treatise from Lovely Lisa Renee on the CV; overall quite a thorough Grokfest: