Sunday, April 19, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-19-20

Kansas Has Gone Bye-Bye

 Sandra Walter is directing the restoration of the Kristos/Crystalline Gaia-Grid: Git Sum:

Today is a Cosmic Reset attention 'cause there will be a quiz in the Morning:

While the whole planet is on solitary Retreat what better time to go Within and find your Inner Light:

Blossom graces us with this condensed two-part download from The Folks in her Rafters:

Phoenix AZ's finest Angelic Interface, Ann Albers, continues her spontaneous Generosity:

As the Glamour slowly wears off the Arcturian Group, via Marilyn Raffaele, hits the Highlights:

 Thanks to Suzanne for the lovely layout on this Ann & The Angels retro Permission Slip:

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