Thursday, April 30, 2020

You Are Creating The New Earth Manual

We Hippies and our Whole Earth Catalog were way ahead of the herd and their so-called immunity. Just sayin'

By Brenda Hoffman On 4-27-20

Old style cut and paste, Stewart Brand on left.
Dear Ones,
Today is another day of celebration. Not a celebration you might have expected in your former 3D life, but a celebration of now.

Those who wish to exit during this time of chaos are doing so. And those of you participating in the creation of your new world have initiated it.

Of course, you cannot yet see or sense that such is so. You can likely only perceive that you are adjusting to the new normal. As a result, you have new thoughts and actions. You are abandoning your life as it was in 3D and pondering life beyond COVID-19.

Perhaps such a shift does not seem that important, for you have accepted your new reality. The reality we are celebrating today. But then, until you reached this plateau, you were not capable of creating beyond 3D.

Granted, you had dreams that may have been fulfilled. But those dreams were limited to your 3D knowledge. You are now opening to new horizons.

That is not to say that the loss of a loved one is not painful. Or your fears related to the virus are wrong. But that your creativity is shifting in ways, you could not envision before this halt to your 3D life.

For years, prophecies have indicated that the world would stop and then return to activity in a new direction. Such is what is happening now. The difference between your thoughts and your new reality is that you expected a flash of light or a few hours of cleansing before the world shifted.

Such a rapid world shift was never possible because of your physical bodies. Your physical bodies were designed for 3D earth. Even though you shifted physically in so many ways since initiating your transition, your physical beings are not sturdy enough for an instant shift.

You en masse had many options on how to change the direction of the earth. The general consensus was that a pandemic would better meet the needs of the earth inhabitants than war or a physical earth disaster like an earthquake. For war is part of the 3D past. And an earth disaster would be over in a matter of days with hopes that the world inhabitants would focus on the area of destruction. That kind of human bonding might have been true, but such an event would not necessarily expose the missteps of world leaders.

Even though many leaders have openly displayed their 3D power-hunger, they did so gradually enough that you accepted their power plays as just another unpleasant activity. This virus is forcing their hand in ways you of the light cannot ignore. So it is you are beginning to plan for a time when power to the people is the action of the day.

Those you know and love exiting earth during this time have done so to help this transition in other frequencies – for their interests are no longer of the earth. They are tired. Not of you, but of the energy required to create a new world. So it is that those loved ones who exit will likely be part of your personal council – or of the overall new earth council.

Your loved ones have shifted their role from earth to another plane. They have not left you, they merely switched dimensions and frequencies. Just as you do when you change your television channel.

So it is some of you will decide that direct contact with those no longer of the earth is an exciting interaction. Others will find other interests.

This is a time of preparation for your new life. It is similar to your earth birth. For you are somewhat dazed by the adjustments required of your new life. At first, you were likely angry – as are many infants in their early days of earth life. Until you accepted that this peace and yes, often quiet, you have not experienced for years is more to your liking than you thought possible.

Some of you remain in a frantic stage, but that will change as you adjust to your new life. For you will discover that which seemed impossible in your blended 3D/5D and beyond life.

Those of you responsible for children are likely discovering new interactions, even joys. And those of you working from home or self-quarantined, are finding some of the same. Think of how many adjustments a newborn has to make. Then realize you are doing something similar.
You are a newborn beyond 3D.

Just as a newborn discovers new ways to communicate, move, and interact, so are you. The difference is you do not have a 3D infant playbook. You are creating the new 5D and beyond playbook. Which might seem overwhelming as you exit 3D.

You will soon create that which is beyond your wildest 3D dreams. For you can play with this action until you no longer wish to. Then you can shift to that or that. You are an infant in this new world without needs beyond fulfilling your interests and dreams.

Does that mean everyone will be isolated? No, merely that you will initiate this process as does a 3D infant following their guidebook of needs and interests.

Your interests will be beyond what others of the 3D earth explored or created. You are a new model for a new age. So it is you will create anything and everything new. You are starting the new earth manual, which will be edited through time until peace and love reign on the earth – much of which will be displayed in your lifetime.

Think of creating the alphabet as well as the first few books. Future generations will create the printing press to disseminate what you and others have created. A printing press that will communicate without words. For this is the new earth. So be it. Amen.
          Copyright 2009-2020, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved.

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