Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Musings From Recently Censored Senior Anon

Joe M Verified Account@StormIsUponUs

Some weeks since being banned from Twitter. Still no explanation other than I was "creating multiple accounts for abusive purposes" which of course is total baloney because I only had one that I used.

I've watched the #HiddenEnemy and their media apparatus do everything they can to extend the shutdown, impose insecure voting methods, suppress the "miracle" cure #Hydroxychloroquine, and every other trick in the book to leverage #Covid19 and keep hurting the American people.

Tyrannical governors showed their true colors by helping to overstep the quarantine measures, while enemy mayors encouraged us to rat on our fellow citizens and call in the Gestapo to arrest anyone without a mask.

America continues to languish in the final years of a global shadow war between an entrenched enemy who had infiltrated every level of government, corporate and legal structure, and who were quietly encircling us as we slept in preparation for no less than a holocaust-style seizure of all we hold dear.

Those of us who have woken up to this many century-old surprise attack on our freedoms now stand guard over the truth, helping to alert our deceived friends to what is being called #TheStorm; an unprecedented global anti-corruption purge of biblical proportions that is set to change the world forever. Humanity's last hope now rests in the form of a benevolent shadow force of patriots who knew our world was being smothered by inconceivably evil criminals, and who had the guts to do something about it.

The truth exists on many levels. On the ground floor, we have the reality of what the Democrat Party really is - nothing but an organized crime syndicate in the employ of every drug and human trafficking cartel, Big Pharma crooked special interests, the black market in baby organs, and any other evil that could use a seat in congress to enable [their] industrialized parasitic raping of the planet.

Next level up is the greatest goof of all time, the carefully constructed and deliberately premeditated "liberal" agenda, with origins in Lenin and Marx' Communist Manifesto, sold to the public as an alternative moral code with the appearance of virtue, but laced with self-destructive cultural distortions designed to lead well-meaning citizens into a life of familial collapse, aimless pursuits, and ultimately a truncation of liberty in the fires of dystopian one-world-government rule.

Infiltration is by far worse than any invasion our shores could have sustained. A hidden enemy with multi-generational patience and a sophisticated road map for the elimination of freedom, not to mention one engineered to be willingly INVITED in by the very people they intended to enslave, is undoubtedly the most formidable enemy humanity will ever face. Indeed, you could be forgiven for identifying this criminal secret society as the several millennia-long culmination of a world-ending plan by Satan himself - all carried out on earth by the Ivy League tailored suits who directly serve him.

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  1. Riviting indictment of our blindness. As fast as we can, we are casting off limits, but many still remain "safer" within them. This is an excellent post & I appreciate it enormously. I am holding to an argument that language itself must once again be mantled with the spirituality it so naturally defines & carries forward. Taking language back, re-working it with Undeniable Truth to meaning & intent is my first step along this road. There will need to be chronicles about this time. This story will be told forever and everywhere in time/space.