Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-31-20

 It's Getting Biblical...

Adamu through Zingdad popped into my inbox today and I'm moved to share these Messages:

Boom chica, boom chica boom boom Boom!!! It’s time for a world-wide round-up Pardners:

Please enjoy this Z22 Report du jour, the latest David Wilcock video and a Corey Goode Chaser:

Johns Hopkins [DS] is deeply involved in the mfr, smuggling and dis-info around the Baloney Virus:

Perhaps a couple of healthy Beestings will put your immune system in Tippy-Top Shape:

I told y’all Zero Oil was looming, don’t ya love it; just ripe for the new Zero Point Energy:

Let's wrap this thick pill up with the three Witches of Sedona (just kidding!); Grok sum:

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