Saturday, April 4, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-4-20

The Stargate Seen With Inner Vision

Patricia Cota-Robles kicks this digest off with her take on the Corona Spamdemic and all that Jazz:

AA Gabriel via Shanta gives us some insight into the multi-dimensional activations habbenning Now:

Lisa Renee offers her students and readers some tried and true tools for dealing with timeline Shifts:

Git sum Spam-A-Lot Corona Follies; step right up, don't be shy, it's much bigger on the Inside:

Actually the outer Chaos enables the integration of the 5D New Earth frequencies; Git Sum:

John quotes from his new book - Spamdemics For Idiots - "It's an Op, stupid!" Grokfest:

Thanks to John Smallman for bringing through these oh so pertinent messages from Saul:

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