Sunday, April 12, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-12-20

Wishin' Y'All A Cheerful Ostara

The Prism of Lyra, an exploration of Human-Galactic heritage; guess who's coming to Ascension:

Stoned Again! It sure seems that Bro Beckow got good 'n woke somewhere along the party Line:

The Eye of the Storm Report from X22 Dave, spot on analysis of Dastardly Deeds:

It seems that Bad Orange Man has tricked all the [DS] shills into some very public self Destruction:

In my understanding Imagination = 5D creative Thought Process; long ago We imagined this World:

The new video 'Out Of Shadows ' is definitely habbening; Praying Medic gives it a Thumbs Up:
Many thanks to Suzanne @GAoG for assembling this lovely trilogy; grok sum Dark to Light:

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