Thursday, April 23, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-23-20

 Out Of The Fog Of Unknowing

 Vaxatopia Eugenics Appears 

X22 gets censored - and now the rest of the Report; the censored nasty vaxo/pedo Bits:

My inner Knowing insists that Harvard Yard holds many satanic secrets; many Cabal slush Funds:

This reminds me of workshops with Drunvalo, Godfather of Sedona...Sacred turf to the Arcturians:

Mónica Esgueva channels through a little Wisdom on clearing/transmuting our very own Shadow:

This Anon scenario totally resonated for me; Booms = Obama, Children & the Clintons; Kekfest

Thanks to Shelly Young for this timely AAGabriel message; Ponderfest:

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