Thursday, April 30, 2020

Disclosure Digest 5-1-20

Everything I Know About Blogging

I Learned From The J. Peterman Catalog

James McConnell channelling KaRa of the Pleiades; straight out of Ten forward - Grokfest:

The Astrodienst folks in Switzerland produce a fine monthly Astrology overview; Enjoy:

An Antediluvian Peter B. Meyer dig and a de-code of Lisa Renee’s work on the Atlantean Debacle:

Illusory acquisition for Illuminuttys; their Treason's will revert ill-gotten gains to US Treasury Got It:

What Benny wouldn't do to illuminate the Goyim; been that way since he was knee high to a Dreidel:

The Silent War continues as another effective, safe and cheap CV treatment gets digitally Punished:

Tony, Tony, Tony better stick to Trumps script or you too will sleep with the fishes; Capisce?

X22 Dave is hittin' on all two cylinders today, with a throaty roar reminiscent of a Royal Enfield:

Our closer article today is courtesy of Patricia C-R; it would seem that May is prime for Liftoff:

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