Friday, May 1, 2020

Disclosure Digest 5-2-20

The Truth Is Coming Out

The Seventh Floor is no more; major Boomage in new Q Drops; let's go diggin' with X22 Dave:

Solid anchor JS has been getting majorly censored for telling those cleansing Inconvenient Truths:

Yup, there's Panic in Dragons-Blood Alley as the remaining satanists form a circular firing Squad:

Yes folks, you blinked once too often and it all shifted to the Bizzarro World Timeline:

No, it’s not that one guy from The Village People; this is real life Existentiality. in your Face:
And he comes with three sets of designer nipple rings; from a Kennedy ex to what/ Inquiring Minds:

Sleepy Joe’s gotten loose from his moorings again, get the Durham boat ‘n haul him IN: Kekfest:

Who ever thought that junk science would ever become this publicly exposed? Now the Clean-up:

You really do decide what Reality you experience at any given Moment in your chosen Timeline:

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