Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Disclsure Digest 5-20-20

 Yup, It's Time To Slice The Sausage


Corona baloney scoop of the day from a Maryland bar called Fish Tales; Oy Gevalt:

It's as clear as day, I see lawsuits galore, convictions and lots of checks in the Mail; Git Sum! 

Young Castro carries the torch for the Muslim Brotherhood, mandatory vaccinations and no Guns:

Vos di genem iz gegangen aoyf Israel...I know for a fact that Jews love Chinese, Whazzup?

Watch the wedding scene from Jupiter Rising to see what CGI attendees look like: Double-Rapp:

Crunchy, crusty breads from Comrade Sorcha and the Full Frontal Fulford Follies; interesting Times:

Continuing Orwellian double-speak from UK authorities; koan-like riddles without Answers:

 Thanks to Suzanne Maresca for posting this urgent sharing from Finland; quite grokkable Gosha:

 The Angels (via Anne) suggest thinking of someone or something you Love and catch a Wave:

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