Saturday, May 30, 2020

Disclosure Digest 5-29-20

 Today Is The Last Day Of The Q-Clock

Rudy Giulliani tweet today: # = Checkmate...

Sound insight from Jenny as we act as a collective to finally clear the Atlantean Shadows:

Sandra does a fine job highlighting the coming Eclipse Gateway energetics so buckle-up Starseeds:

Minneapolis mishigas rolls on; Cabal/Antifa thugs earn their money, Dem governance in Slo-Mo:

As the Corona Scamdemic wears itself out we rapidly approach the time of the Great Unmasking:

This juicy little link was just dropped by Q; the more you know the faster this Shift will Go:

The musings of an MK Ultra conditioned 'asset' as he's triggered into full-Manchurian beast Mode:

And now for some more Famous Last Words from that 'all-of'-the-above' Creator we know and Love:

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