Monday, May 25, 2020

Disclosure Digest 5-24-20

The Lame-Stream Media Clown Show Continues

X22 Dave highlights the imminent welcome end of the Corona Baloney Scamdemic; Grok Sum:

Enjoy today's corona Baloney Follies Update on the bat-shit crazy, hazy daze of May:

This is your weekend re-cap of the Sorcha Fal posts; lots of sauce on current domestic US Follies:

Political Moonshine anon exposes the Big Picture in this short video and it's very much to the Point:

Watch proof positive of ongoing [DS] geoengineering & weaponizing Gaia's weather; proof Positive:

Psychics Magenta and Jen McCarty brainstorm over current behind-the-curtain events; Grokfest;

You are the master, the fairy godmother of you. Allow that thought to rumble throughout your Being:

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