Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Disclosure Digest 5-27-20

Acme Satanic 

Septic Sucking Services

We haven't heard much from Ashtar lately so let's catch up with this most recent Message:

The real numbers the CDC[DS] spin-meisters don't want you to see; fascists are Self-Destructing:

Bee-stingers throw in the towel on Creepy Uncle Joe and his self-inflicted Satire:

Git sum Corona Sutra positions for negative transmissions; you cant make this stuff up Folks:

"Social Distancing Is Not a Crime - Sheriff's Office Has No Authority to Enforce"; No Kneebending:
If you have time on your hands why not give this a try; Beginning the process of Taming the Mind:

Let's close with a kaffie-klatsche via James McConnel channeling One Who Serves and Shoshanna:

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