Sunday, May 3, 2020

Disclosure Digest 5-3-20

The White Squall Is Coming On...

Let's just start at the beginning with Creator today; deep personal healings leads to Rebirth:
Muslim Brotherhood agents are gonna be rounded up after public exposure as the Storm Grows:

DiBlasio's Clown Show should come as no surprise, he was groomed for this by his C_A Parents:

The Info War is hotting up and cabal 'sleepers' are surfacing like worms after a heavy Rainstorm:

Birthday boy David Icke has been banned by YouTube so please access his videos Here:

Jon spotlights the [TD] Baloney Juice, avoid it like the Plague; Hydroxy' no proxy - Git Sum:

Kudos to Ronna, Sacred Scribe, for this Archangelic shout-out to all Lightwarriors; It's Showtime!

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