Sunday, May 31, 2020

Disclosure Digest 5-30-20


 It's Time For A Big Tech-Ectomie

The Strongest Solar Flare in years coincides with Riots across the United States; Whooda Thunkit?

Praying Medic explains the realpolitik of removing entrenched Cabal [DS] players from the Board:

Anatomy of a Spamdemic followed by Another MD blowing the lid off the phony Corona Baloney:

Galactic Baloney Virus crop circle kicks off the new season of squashed Crops in UK: Gaaarn:

A tidy little red-pill of an article by Jon Rappoport exposing the real 'powers' running our Planet:

Witness the Serious take-down of C_A black-ops traitors; this Ends in Switzerland; Godspeed:

We close with a Troika of great messages from GAoG,  thanks to Suzanne Maresca; Ponder On:

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