Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-30-20

May You Live In 

Shamanic Times!

Get the latest White Wolf Tribe download via Genji and kick back with a Canna-Gummie:

Methinks the DOJ is strong-arming New Jersey 'cause it's slowly cleaning house; Ooorah:

Wealthy St. Louis lawyers under attack by [D] circuit attorney: the 2nd Amendment is under the Gun:

A couple of good Bee-Stings will fix ya right up, like a breath of mask-less air; Git Sum:

Pedowood celebrities be like all Gone: whazzup? Anybody seen or heard from Hanx?

ECETI James gives us a righteous re-cap of latest details of the Divine Plan as they Self-Reveal:

I'm not surprised at the monkey-wrenching, ...it's standard operating procedure for Stump-Trumpers:

Remember 'wild world' by Cat Stevens? Seminal hippy ennui and still relevant Today:

Non-transferable, indelible, eccentrically significant, morally perfect and available in Your Size:

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-28-20

The Eye Of Soros/Sauron 

Despises Your Freedoms

Feeling down from all the craziness? I have good news. I think we're in the final stage of The Plan. We win. A tip-o-the-cap to Suzanne at GAoG  and Joe M. for the current re-cap vintage Sauce.

This one is a bit of an infomercial yet highly Illustrative of Jon's Journey back to SELF; grok On:

More reports of Deep State Septic Sucking Operations, wrapped in plastic for your Protection; Kek:
Git sum Corona Baloney on lightly toasted rye with mayo and mustard, lettuce and Tomatoes:

The trolls and giants of mythology and Egyptian temples were our Red Haired star Ancestors:

The Agarthan Network is a 5D frequency zone within the body of Gaia; good back-story in this One:

Meditate to shrink your Fear Response; worldwide meditations are happening Now; Ponderfest:

The Arcturian Group: Oneness The Bottom Line And Spiritual Key That Unlocks All Things

Via Marilyn Raffaele On 6-28-20

Welcome dear readers.  We of the Arcturian Group as well as others on this side see you as a Light Brigade leading the masses and yet most of you believe you are doing nothing.

You are leading not with protests and overt actions but simply by the Light of your evolved consciousness, which of course goes wherever you go. If receptive (able to align with) a person can be healed or awakened simply by being in the presence of a high-resonating consciousness because there is only One Consciousness.

Those who fully embrace duality and separation are only able to express themselves in ways that align with that level of awareness. Do not pass judgment on how things should be playing out as judgment is always based in concepts. All is proceeding according to plan.

Life and even survival was very difficult when duality and separation ruled the thinking of the majority. The energy from intense experiences of pain, suffering, and/or challenges in past lifetimes remains alive and well until cleared. Many of these old energies have been carried from lifetime to lifetime in cellular memory and continue to manifest as problems or disease if activated once again through alignment with some person, place, or thing.

Example; A person who died once or more by falling from a cliff or some height will remain terrified of high places in every lifetime and not know why. All inordinate fear as well as love for certain people, places, or things indicate past life experiences with them. These energies can serve as protection or warning but you have evolved beyond any need to carry around old energy.

As they surface, these old and no longer needed energies often manifest as some intense physical, emotional, or mental issue that seems to have come out of nowhere. Allow the process. If you feel exhausted, lay down or take a break. If you are having pain, address it as best you can without heavy drugs and allow it to move through. If you feel overly anxious for no reason, take time to center and align with your real Self. See a doctor if you are guided to do so but know that nothing is random for the spiritually evolved especially at this time.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-27-20

Git Sum Haboob Sunsets

Sister Sandra goes off on the roiling Haboob of adamantine fire-fly Photons upgrading our Reality:

Ubiquitous Fake, phony and false polling by the usual news hacks; Just more wishful Wanking:

Old people pushed systemically into accelerated end-of-life situations to pad the stats: new Rap-Rant:

Jordan riffs on the Great Unmasking and nails it, as per usual; Pro-Maskers are the new Pro-Vaxxers:

Git sum ugly truth about [DS] BLM and it’s associated octopussies; always follow the Money:

Jayme Price gives us her take on the upcoming July Ascension Energies; it's all about Balance:

Feeling punky and more than a little bit Off? Try changing your Divine Sparkplug for a 5D Upgrade:

Utsava:Queen,Pope Have Died-No New King-Prince Andrew Extradition-Merkel-MORE ARRESTS-3D to 5D Psy-op

Channelled By Psychic Utsava On 6-22-20

(This video is available on www.arcturiantools.com)

Friday, June 26, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-26-20


Dysfunctional Families Don't Matter

A very entertaining and deeply disturbing Zach & Sasha video for your consideration; Git Sum:

Those reliable foreign-trained Antifa/BLM thugs are gettin’ scarce as hen’s teeth; Folly Up:
The bankster ill-gotten gains went somewhere; now it’s All coming back to We the People:

Remember, our old 3D senses are being constantly Upgraded to detect Higher Frequencies:
Git 13 minutes of mind-numbing Truth from the puckish lips of the ‘original’ Jordan Sather:

Exercising your 'Right To Be' is a full time workout; also re-read Lisa Renee Declarations:

Old school Cosmic Scribe work in this one from James McConnell; Ponderfest:

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-24-20

All Those Who Serve And Protect 

Work For Archangel Michael

Only The Thin Blue Line stands in the way of Cabal orchestrated chaos; fence-sitting not an Option:

James McConnnell brings us the latest Ashtar intel drop; full planetary Liberation is right on Track:
Thanks to Suzanne M. for this thread; it's what Digital Warriors do with breadcrumbs - Manga:

The Obama-clone is looking at his impending arrest thinking ‘I’m not getting paid enough for This':

Some Bee-Stings for your amusement and a look at a badly aging porn super star; flaccid Stuff:
Sorcha comes up with more tasty sauce for the ongoing smorgasbord of bat-shit Slapstick; Grok On:

Shanta Gabriel channels AA Gabriel with advice on Seeding the Field of Infinite Potential; Grok On

Monday, June 22, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-22-20

All Assets Deployed

Sierra NZ fields another savvy Q decode to help us mortals understand the pure Genius that is Q:

Under house arrest and huddling with his platoon of glum lawyers - think crimes Against Humanity:
Just a reminder of the highly unusual Astrological Energies baking our collective Noodle; Ooomph:

A little message from the Arcturians via Morag O'Brien for your further edification; Grok Sum:

The Presidents recent rally has busted the Fox all-time high viewership record for of ANY SHOW:

Multiple Mike puts out a good one, sans any dated future predictions; grok sum Old School:
This longish Creator-Riff has a nice, calm reassuring tone, lulling us into a false sense of Security:

A Recent Q Drop...


We Got Ghosts And Antifa

06-22-2020 10:29:57 MDT Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6

ID:acb60b No.9707125

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ― George Orwell, 1984
Sound familiar?

Disclosure Digest 6-21-20

Saying 'Incoming" Just Doesn't Do It Anymore

Lets begin with a little sampler for bored Lightworkers stoically awaiting the next Cosmic Download:

This just in from old friend, Jonathan Goldman; Healing Sounds Summer Solstice Edition: 

The SITS folk offer us a primer: Understanding Magick: A Spiritual Art and Science; Abra Cadabra:

This just in from Jordan (you can call me Ron) Sather, bringing you the very uncomfortable Truths:

Very effective re-cap of the uncomfortable truths about the [DS] 5G Trojan Horse:


Some Sorcha digs with plenty od sauce for discerning anons everywhere; grok-a-thon for Pepes:

IPOT gets all super-persuity on the WeatherMen III - ALL4FLOYD - and Live Girls Inside:

Poor thing hardly able to get a straight answer from those Orbish Folk; just a mite disrespectful Eh?

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-19-20

Solstice Keywords: Breathe. Ground. Remember.

We open the Solstice Portal with Stephanie Austin; EcoAstrology: Cancer Solstice/ Solar Eclipse:

Cosmic tunes for planetary transformation by two pre-eminent Sound Warriors:

The Great Un-Masking Rally gets OK from OK Supreme Court ruling: git sum Kekfest:

A Troika of Sorcha reports; arresting and charging criminally active US domestic Terrorists:

X22 Dave does some fine Q decoding in these two shows; well worth a Listen if ya got the Ears:

Bilbo takes his final journey from the Grey Havens and returns to his Star Family; Bon Voyage:

Bee-Stings Ahoy, Mateys! Grab yer organic popcorn and a fizzy boat drink cause yer in for a Treat:

Git sum raucus ramblings in These Swamp Drainin' Follies; disclosure is hitting Ludicrous Speeds:

This channelling kinda makes me yearn for the old-school space soap operas like Flash Gordon:

Thursday, June 18, 2020

WWCC of 9: Humanity's Call (Solstice, Ring of Fire Eclipse) 20th, 21st, 22nd June 2020

Channelled Via Magenta Pixie On 6-18-20

(This video is available on www.arcturiantools.com)

Many thanks To Suzanne Maresca for transcribing this Text:

Dance dear Starseeds, dance this day
For you rejoice with all.
Under the stars you do play
For you have heard the call.
It is Solstice, 2020, now is surely the time.
Ring of Fire, eclipse of the Sun, know these codes in a bell doth chime.
Stand in power, for you have won.
Negatives who seek to control through fear
Yet you know and see their game.
Galactic pulse you shall indeed hear, holding the rose gold flame.
Awakening sets up into light warp speed,
The chakra of the heart beams love.
Every color, race, gender and creed…
And for Peace, the sign of the dove.
It is Unity now that is the matter at hand,
Togetherness, gratitude and so much fun….
As you come together on the new land and uphold the sacred Law of One.
Now is the time as we have said, the Philosopher’s Stone has been kissed
With the twin flame counterpart, there is nothing you have missed.
Holding the knowing of the diamond light
You are beacons of change, and soon.
Indigo warriors ready for the fight in this joyful month of June.
So walk the path with head held high,
We know you follow the signs.
With Galactic wings shall you fly
With us, the Collective of Nine.
This little verse may appear so flighty, yet seeds that hold its magical power
When spoken aloud by you, so mighty
At this most timely hour.
So stand together, awakened souls,
Your Light is abundant and plenty.
Together, you shall indeed reach your goal
These three days in your month of June in your year 2020.

Disclosure Digest 6-18-20

Mercury Just Went Into Reverse

Back-Up Everything and Buckle UP!

Sandra & Co have a busy weekend coming up; check out the full menu of world-wide Meditations:

In this latest Patricia Cota-Robles message we get another fine take on our current Cosmic Moment:

X22 Dave narrates the current phase of The Great Awakening a.k.a. worldwide Cold Turkey: Oy Vay:

A Q-drop reminder; it's time to brush up on their dark plan as everything they try majorly Backfires:

The Total [DS] disinfo play book in one thread by a very astute Anon: COINTELPRO Grokfest:

Scraping the bottom of the Antifa/BLM pork barrel, meet Raz the Abominator, a truly Sick Puppy:

Today's Essay Corner features two of the best writers I review, Jon Rappoport and Zen Gardner:

The world-wide corona baloney Hoax is being blown wide open by inquiring Brazilian Minds:

Creator gets last-licks again; I know it's becoming a habit and I'm good with that; Ponder On:

Hathors: Transformation Of Consciousness

Peggy Black and the 'team'

He doesn't look like he's Joking...
We are here embracing you with our love. Breathe it in and allow yourself to reach a place of inner peace and certainty. This is a time of tremendous change and transformation. This is a time of great dismantling. The chaos that you are witnessing is disturbing for sure, however it is out of this chaos that the conscious changes will be birthed.

This is the dark night of the collective soul. All that has been repressed is erupting and spewing forth. Emotions are contagious and as many people step up and demand a change, it stirs the emotions of all. Many are shocked, fearful, confused as well as alarmed by what is occurring, while others are becoming an active part of what is unfolding. There are others who are selecting to transcend and to be able to assist from the non-physical.

This is pandemonium expressing itself. Nothing feels solid, stable or familiar as you are witnessing the collapse of the old paradigm. When a reality begins to collapse it appears messy, disturbing and often violent. The old systems are falling apart. The establishment is losing control. Individuals as a collective are tired of not being heard or not being seen. They are making their demands for change known. They are standing up and shouting for these fiery changes.

They are being supported  and energized by the Celestials as well. The energy and movement of the planets are supporting this conscious change. Earth is moving into an area of space with a new higher energy field. Realize that you will not know how this will unfold; you will question everything yet understand very little. As you observe the madness and the incredible confusion, it is most important for you to continue to return to your own center. It is a time to release, let go and purge your limited beliefs. We invite you to face all parts of yourself that are destructive, angry, aggressive and bring them into your awareness for healing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-17-20

 Kids, We Need To Have That Discussion About


James Gilliland gives his views on achieving Critical Thinking In Critical Times; worth a Read:

Appropriate response from the Feds here; long sentences will be a deterrent to Others:

Deep dig on Drag Clown subversion in Hennepin County MN; setting the stage for Genderitis:

The Israelification of American domestic security has been poisoning our Police Dept's for Decades:

It's lawsuits like this one which will actually, Legally and Peacefully change the flawed System:

It's time to get some remedial education on long term Cabal death cult eugenics Abominations:

Afghanistan is no longer safe for Cabal baby-harvesting as French NGO bails out; Basta:

A closer look at Mr. Grenell, the White Hat warrior assisting  POTUS with the [DS] Dismantling:

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Arcturians: Your True Multidimensional Self

Through Suzanne Lie

 On 6-13-20

Dear Arcturians,
Please assist us to remember our true, Multidimensional SELF.

Dear Multidimensional Ones,
We the Arcturians, wish to tell you that in order to remember your true Multidimensional SELF you will need to understand what and who your Multidimensional Self is. To put it simply, your Multidimensional SELF is the composition of all the expressions of your SELF in all the different frequencies of reality in which you have a form.

Unfortunately, many of Gaia's third dimensional humans have difficulty in believing that they have a different expression of their Multidimensional SELF on every different frequency of reality. In fact, much of humanity has a difficult time believing that there is such a being as a "fifth dimensional Galactic SELF."

How could some component of their self be able to remember, and communicate with their "higher self" if they do not even believe in a "Higher Dimensional SELF." Let us now describe what we mean by your Higher Dimensional SELF.

Your "Higher SELF" is difficult for your third dimensional self to believe in because they cannot find a physical proof for the concept of a"higher self." Since they cannot perceive their Higher SELF via their third dimensional perceptual field, they often have difficulty realizing, or even wondering if, there may be a component of their human self that resonates to a frequency that cannot be easily viewed by all.

Disclosure Digest 6-16-20

 The Lion Is An Appropriate

Spirit Guide Chaotic Times

Jon Rappoport does another coherent and spot-on dig into Cabal divide-and-conquer Machinations:

Dummy up folks, George ain't dead and another [DS] false flag is now unraveling; Moar Popcorn:

Floydian disconnect runs rampant; blatant, petty donation shaming scam in good ole Chaz-landia;

Creator's always appropriate Last Words; Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Swaha:

GaiaPortal: Crystalline Castles Are Entered With Joy

Channelled By √ČirePort On 6-16-20 @16:16


Crystalline Castles are entered with Joy.

Progress accelerates.

Ascension comes with the processes of Light.

Removal of the dark conveyors completes.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-15-20

Spiritual Warfare In The Heavens 

And On Gaia Continues...

This Starseed Crystal teen is really pissing off the daemons with her Light-filled Kindness:

Utsava gives a new interview starting at the 2:44 minute mark; psychic Intel for astute Anons:

Jen McCarty of the White Wolf Tribe gets Galacti-Tribal on BLM and imminent Solstice Gateway:

Thanks to Suzanne from GAoG for this lovely treatment of the Declaration of Freedom for All:

Git sum congratulations on your outstanding Embodiment of massive incoming Light Upgrades:

Jon pulls back for the macro-view of the battle for the very Soul of Humanity that's a goin' Down:

Gracious Ann Albers helps us reconnect with The Angels and our own Divine Breath: Git Sum:

Diversity, the True Royal Sovereign & the New Earth Template with Magenta Pixie and Jenji:

Blossom and her Crew and zeroing in on the nitty-gritty of our Embodied Ascension

Why We Teach Emptiness

By Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche

There are the appearances of this life which we perceive––the pleasurable objects of the senses, such as beautiful form, a pleasant sound, delicious taste, pleasant touch, fragrant smell––that seem to give us happiness. Therefore, we develop an attachment to these objects and treat them as having a real existence. We perceive that there are pleasant places and favorable conditions  for us and we have attachment to them as them being real. In this way, the appearances of this life seem pleasant and happy. But if we examine closer, we see that these appearances of this life are impure and that they all involve the impermanence of birth, sickness, aging, and death. When we contemplate this, we become saddened and terrified of outer conditions. We wish to transcend this situation and reach some state of complete peace and happiness.

 The actual cause or purpose for the teaching of emptiness is that when we realize the emptiness or insubstantiality of those all those phenomena we are attached to, and we truly understand that they have no reality, this causes our attachment to outside phenomena to diminish and then the result of this diminishment is that we can be in a state of true peace or joy. And similarly, by recognizing that these things that cause us to be frightened or depressed, such as birth, old age, sickness, and death have no real existence, then our fear is greatly diminished. We realize there is no reason to be afraid. With this view of emptiness, we can achieve a state of peace, and that is the reason for the teaching on emptiness.

For More about Rinpoche  click HERE