Friday, June 5, 2020

Diclosure Digest 6-5-20

Some Spicey Sauce For Your 

Eclipse Triple-Decker

More breaking news directly from the Corona Baloney virus; sounds like a forced statement to Me:

Interdasting sauce from Neon to tickle your synapses and bake your noodle; Grokfest:

Candace Owens is a wrathful Black Madonna on a mission to tell the uncomfortable Truths:

Feared Zaslon assassins deployed to America w/ orders to wipe out ANTIFA leadership; Sorcha-On:

Ben is back on his meds and this report reflects his return to wabi-sabi; git sum conspiracy Analysis:

A spot-on and thought provoking Anon thread written by Brian Cates @drawandstrike; Grok Sum:

This seems like Cabal-lightening to me; all is not well in Bezosville to say the least; more Popcorn:

The fed up and intrinsically sane Italians are throwing out the rotten Corona Baloney Scamdemic:

Lisa Renee’s Declaration of Freedom for All; please absorb and then pass this one on, Frenz:

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