Thursday, June 11, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-10-20


Are You Sure You're Up For The Eclipses?

James McConnell sometimes channels AAM and this one is spot-on - Enjoy:

If you are feeling adrift in multiple dimensions chill out, your super-powers are coming Online:

Utsava is making the rounds of late as a guest on woke video channels; git sum Red Pill 101:

Scott is such an eccentric, crazy wisdom Galacti-mensch ya just gotta Love him; BIG Trump Fan:

Sandra Walters updates her group meditation schedule for the near, highly probable Future; Ponder:

Brenda of Life Tapestry Creations brings some insight into creating Perfect Harmony; Grok Sum:

Jenny is the voice of the Galactic Council concerning the proper use of righteous Anger:

A very generous offering from Tami Simon and Sounds True for shut-in's; Uncle Eckhardt Hisself:

Wrapping it up for today with the infamous 'last words' from Creator; short and Sweet:

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