Monday, June 8, 2020

Some Saucy Insight Into Ongoing Consciousness Upgrades

Amanda Lorence On 6-3-20 

Currently, as potential within the Collective Timeline of humanity (so one by one from ‘within’), Higher Frequency Consciousness is being installed. This in itself has to be a step by step process; a gentle dissolving of predominant consciousness each human has been accustomed to experience this reality by. Step by step, as there is a lot to understand, see, and finally integrate, of the Higher Version of our Consciousness. We become it, through understanding it as it unfolds within us. The lower frequency self, always retaining ‘free will state’ to choose. Yet as we evolve higher in our human energy, it feels natural to WILL in, the Higher Version of Consciousness we always were, that was the ENERGETIC manifestor, by Source design, behind the scenes of the Lower Conscious version we thought was our human.

We are to become FULLY, with human form, the Higher Consciousness Version of our individualized facet made from Source. For this reason, in this Collective Timeline 2020, our manifestations (seen and unseen) occur far more rapidly NOW. In order to see, understand, integrate, to become the conscious creators (our Higher Self).

Our Higher Consciousness exists, outside of space and time. Yet can potentially become a full integration for the human experience.

The predominant previous ‘awakened’ version of consciousness ALL ‘awakened’ humans existed by, could see, know, understand to a degree, that they manifested their reality based on their thoughts, words and actions taken. Taking responsibility for ALL of our own creations was par for the course of the embodiment process. As explained in previous posts and videos. But what we could say ‘OVERPOWERED’ our own ability to create CONSCIOUSLY, was our own belief systems, that created embedded individual behavioral patterns. For example, if we ran a behavioral pattern of ‘worry’, we would manifest more things within our life reality to cause us ‘worry’.

Until we dissolved and zero pointed the behavioral pattern of ‘worry’. And the same for any and EVERY human mind Program that is a belief system or behavioral pattern. It is not that we EACH experience all program within the array of lower programming. But if you view HUMANITY as ONE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, between us, we carried ALL the lower programming. In order for Source to experience every potential here, within Humanities One Consciousness.

So some of us held ‘worry’, some held ‘rage’, ‘violence’, ‘less than’, ‘control’, manipulation’ etc. In that manner we can say it is all of us, as in truth we ARE a COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. We are ONE UNIT experiencing the creation of the human within a polarized field. So between us all, all was and could be experienced as ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.


As the Higher Self being potentially integrated with the human vessel and within the brain, belief systems, and behavioral patterns don’t exist. As the Higher Self, good or bad, right or wrong do not exist. Another main difference, and KEY difference between our Higher Consciousness VERSION we become, as opposed to the predominant previous version we were/are dissolving out of is this:
The Higher Self’s focus is on ENERGY and WHAT to create by it’s energy focus. It chooses what it wants to create, it gives that it’s ENERGY based in no time and space.

Because the Higher Consciousness is not in the body as such, but integrated with the brain and human body. Where the brain has opened the dormant pathways to access the Higher Consciousness vía its ability to NOW TRANSLATE WAVELENGTHS of ENERGY. The Higher Consciousness lacks previous human mind programs of distortion, it’s energetic focus is on creating what it wants to experience next. It is of far higher frequency of energy hertz. In other words, it’s focus IS, of PURE ENERGY. It’s focus and how it manifests IS outside of the dream holographic reality. This is KEY to understand, as our previous version differs. I will explain:


This version still puts it’s energy and mind focus to WITHIN the dream itself. It hasn’t fully integrated, the Higher Version. It sees within the dream, REACTS TO THE DREAM, what it does not want, like, agree with. And judges that. What it likes, loves, agrees with. And judges that. It slowly learns, realizes, it’s objective (to experience higher consciousness), is to FIRST experience and ACCEPT both polarities of the polarity spectrum (good and bad, light and dark, right and wrong, night and day, love and lack of love etc), to then, at ready point, become MORE and MORE, a sustainable ZERO POINT of the neutrality of all it’s experiences.

For example, to experience feeling it was ‘right’, to experience feeling it was ‘wrong’, enough times (cycles) to then explore ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, zero point that belief, that there is neither right or wrong except by it’s own definition that didn’t exist prior TO DEFINING something. In zero pointing that belief, it is at peace in the higher truth of not defining. At further peace in experiencing where there is no definition, there is also no judgment, so NO POLARITY experiences, only zero point.


The more we dissolve the behavioral patterns and belief systems (that are PRESENT EVERY TIME we have an adverse reaction to something within our dream), the more we integrate our Higher Consciousness, the one behind our experiences, master minding all our own life experiences. But it’s a journey, of transitioning out of focused attention OF THE DREAM CONTENTS already manifested by us, into SEEING, all the contents, are a direct result of our individual thoughts, words and actions. In other words, a direct result of what we choose to give our energy to. After we have accepted full responsibility for our own unique creation, we are on the way to becoming the responsible creator (the Higher Self Version we already are).


Is innately, naturally, by it’s design and energetic make-up, IN the field of neutrality. Is IN zero point. Is outside of the polarity field. Is a conscious creator, of it’s human words, it’s human thoughts, it’s human actions. It knows it is the creator of the dream holographic experience for the human body. It chooses energetically what it wishes to manifest. It sustains that energy as it has no belief systems. It creates in no time, so manifestation appears to be faster within it’s hologram. It views the hologram, views what it has created. It plays innocently with it’s own creation. It knows all is flow, ever changing, not fixed.

So enjoys the creations in the NOW MOMENT, knowing they are all transitory, ever changing flow of ENERGY. It sees what IT has created, from it’s energetic presence of ‘essence’ that is (termed in human words) LOVE. It then chooses again what to create. It creates from neutrality, views from neutrality, thinks thoughts ‘seemingly’ WITHIN the human mind now in neutrality, speaks words of neutrality, takes ALL actions in neutrality.

It is NOT that the Higher consciousness is NOW ‘inside’ the human body and the human mind itself, it is that the MIND can NOW translate the HIGHER FREQUENCY energy wavelengths of the Higher Consciousness that is outside of this space and time. It watches the dream, the signs it places for itself within Gaia, it begins to connect telepathically to the living beings of consciousness open to it, it lives in the present moment, in alignment to the divine flow it operates by. It has always existed in the divine flow, yet NOW it has a form, and that the human...being.

Please take what resonates and discard the rest. This is just a sharing of experience here. All that truly empowers each, are not my words or experience, but your own balanced, neutral perspective. Neutrality and balance always holds one key energy or essence...that essence is ‘LOVE’.

I’m still offline to social media and Messenger messages. Posting this as too much coming in to remember to share later. This felt significant to our Collective Timeline.

Thank you for your understanding.
One Love
Amanda Lorence
FB post, 3 June 2020

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