Thursday, June 25, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-24-20

All Those Who Serve And Protect 

Work For Archangel Michael

Only The Thin Blue Line stands in the way of Cabal orchestrated chaos; fence-sitting not an Option:

James McConnnell brings us the latest Ashtar intel drop; full planetary Liberation is right on Track:
Thanks to Suzanne M. for this thread; it's what Digital Warriors do with breadcrumbs - Manga:

The Obama-clone is looking at his impending arrest thinking ‘I’m not getting paid enough for This': 

Some Bee-Stings for your amusement and a look at a badly aging porn super star; flaccid Stuff:
Sorcha comes up with more tasty sauce for the ongoing smorgasbord of bat-shit Slapstick; Grok On:

Shanta Gabriel channels AA Gabriel with advice on Seeding the Field of Infinite Potential; Grok On

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