Sunday, June 7, 2020

Duhsclosure Digest 6-6-20

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Magenta has red-pilled Bro Beckow on Trump and the outworking of the Divine Plan; Suave:

It's getting really Biblical on this Ascension/Disclosure time-line; now where's my old Breastplate:

Nicely complete update of the take-down of the [DS] bad actors now behaving Badly:

The Corona Baloney perpetrators and the other Denizens of the Pyramid get a close look from John:

The MN false flag unravels and much more is being revealed; Fentanyl Floyd ain't dead Yet: 

Denise discusses the ongoing 2020 Eclipses and how they also drain the Swamp; Grok-A-thon:

I always like to close with a message from our diaphanous Angelic Frenz:

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