Monday, September 30, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-30-19

The Meme Wars, Begun They Have

The Cringe is strong with this one! NYT tries Trump memes, falls flat on face & gets MEMED:

Enjoy Ann Albers' latest from the Angels via our friends at GAoG; Ooh, strangely colored lights:

Another severe outbreak of Bozonitis on Capitol Hill, low-def C-Span for your viewing pleasure:

Cute study of the body language behind the meaningless repetition of various talking points; KEK:

 Morag provides a guided tour of Gaia's 3/4/5D contortions as She births New Earth for Hue-manity:

Schiffty & And His Gang Of Sock-puppets to the rescue!; Turd-blossoms on parade, Ayup: 

This very recent Kryon channelling on The Prime Directive begins at the 10 minute mark; Grokfest:

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-29-19


From the Swirling Epi-Center 

Of The Bozone Cyclone

Blossom leads off today with a message from the Folks (FOL) in her rafters; 5D grokfest folks:

Somehow I feel that Greta the Gremlin was up after bedtime. got wet and turned into this:

While we're on the clown meme who could forget this bit of bad acting from Adam (Shifty) Schiff:

The Resniks are known to me from my Aspen days; cabal satanists through and through; Fiji Farce: 

Disney Darkness exposed again; finally the truth of the black magic kingdom becomes better known: 

Have you noticed the increase of multiple numbers catching your eye lately? You winking at you:
I always suspected that Hillary and Bill were 'Rosemary’s babies' = satanic hybrids; use discretion 

The Hydra-headed 5G monster is loose and the Swiss are going full-on NIMBY; telling:

Living in the Truth We Experience - from the Energetic Synthesis newsletter courtesy of Lisa Renee:

The Council of Angels: Planet Earth Is Poised to Enter A New Golden Age

Via Goldenlight On 9-21-19

Greetings we are the Council of Angels coming to you again on this crystal-clear high frequency day, in your “Now” time…as we have mentioned many times in our messages, “time” does not actually exist, all exists simultaneously in the great All That Is, and everything everywhere is an Emanation of Source Creator, including you, your loved ones, all beings in all star systems, all planets, all universes, and all multiverses, to infinity and beyond.

Ponder for a moment the great All That Is as we have described it here. That means there is no separation, no true dark or light, but instead a series of layers, patterns, and constructs making up dimensional realities, with each dimension reinforcing the next. In other words the 12th dimension would not exist without the 11th dimension, which would not exist without the 10th dimension, etc., all the way down to the dimension most of you are currently residing in which is the upper third/upper 4th dimension. You, as well as your planet, are all ascending into the upper fourth and lower 5th dimensions.

Each layer and dimension is currently moving up a notch or two, so that those of you who are residing in the upper third now will be moving into the upper fourth and some into the fifth dimension. Many of you actually already reside with your spirit and mind in the upper fourth dimension… those of you who are spiritually awakened and advanced leap between the upper fourth and upper third dimensions currently… this is why as you continue to ascend the “ascension ladder”, many of you will be going into the fifth dimension.

Disclosure Digest 9-28-19

Reporting On the Deeply Light Deficient

I really like this thread from our old friend and Q analyst, Tracey Beanz;Enjoy the Show:

Praying Medic does the Q-Triage on the current impeachment hysteria; they're stupid and panicking:

The [DS] politicos are seemingly burning their ships! Sorcha tells all - Spaciba Tovarich:

More climate change fear porn being debunked in surprising quarters; ANTIFA = Anti-Life:

Thanks to Ron Head for this timely reminder from The council; quite ponderable, Eh:

Anna does Amerika: Chapter X - 'Who Really Owns Your As', a must read for Patriots:

The highly educated and basically sane Swiss citizens are blowing off the 5G force-feeding;

Sandra Walter brings us up to speed on the activations and portal openings happening right NOW:

Here’s why the Buddha’s teachings really pissed off the Cabal back in his time: same today:

Saturday, September 28, 2019

GaiaPortal: Strength Of Inner Spirit Connections Are Currently Under Test

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-28-19 @ 10:10

Strength of Inner Spirit connections are currently under test.

Eliminations of tenuous connects are accelerated.

Farsights are recognized for assists to Hue-manity.

Finalizers are called forth.

Archangels watch over the process.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-27-19

 Moar Jobs Brought Back To America

We welcome GAOG to The Land Of The Red Pills; grab a soft drink and some popcorn frens:

New Moon beginnings abound; read all about it in this latest Ecoastrology Update; ponderfest:

X22 Trump message to Globalists was received; the Follies ramp up to full on hysteria: grokfest:

I always liked Dr. Bronner's products for their purity and presence in The Whole Earth Catalog: 

ZeroHedge gives us a serviceable overview of the satanic cultist's vehement backlash to POTUS:

Sol Alinskey Redux; the twisted sociopath who played Dr. Frankenstein to the Klintons; grab garlic:

Thanks to EraofLight for this posting; yup, more on the New Moon energies for y'all:

Just In From The WWCC of 9

By Magenta Pixie On 9-27-19

(This video is available on

Disclosure Digest 9-26-19

It's Gonna Get Really

Uncomfortable In October

We're now disclosing the misdeeds and high crimes of the upper level Cabal 'managers of humanity':

Gotta send this poor, tortured clown puppet child some of that high octane Love Light: MK Wha:

Jordan is the best alt news anchor out there; enjoy this latest news round-up: grokkable:

33 minutes of great X22 Report; analysis explaining how The Trap was set and sprung; BOOM:

The Hydra-headed 5G monster is loose and the Swiss are going full-on NIMBY; telling:

Goin' full Benjamin Button, I am: Photonic Cocktails, Shungite Water, Endocrine Upgrades oh yeah:

And we end today on a somewhat sad note; though I feel that POTUS isn't at all upset by this:

Light Navigators

Via Gillian MacBeth Louthan 

September 2019

As dimensional fissures become an everyday event we find ourselves sailing down new corridors of time as well as spacial and time expansion. What was long sought within self, within history, and within landmass, now slowly worn away by passing earth time comes to the surface. We have become light Navigators in striations of light that we never knew existed. We are at a cumulative point of coming face-to-face with many aspects of our self on a DNA ancestral level that we personally do not want to admit to.

Days and nights dance together as 24 hours seems to have shortened itself into a more concise point of energy. Like lights slowly dimming in a great hall, one does not always feel or sense the change or shift when sitting in the wings of time. . What we see in this new sea of light is yet to be formed like a Loch Ness monster that seeks refuge. Each human has developed bifocal lens Allowing them to see dimensionally, allowing them to see into the past and future riding the time slips as earths restorative resonance is changed to fit incoming shifts. Each experience is deciphered with a different code a different program a different index. no two can be compared, like roses in a garden, each has a unique color and scent. Many have become prickly pear of nature as what was one stuffed Rises to the surface to be seen in a sharpness and Clarity that may be too much for most humans.

Love and forgiveness are a great Salve for anything God has created and should be applied generously. Like a wounded lion any criticism could be dangerous, as humanity sees its old wounds and battle scars in the light of a fresh day. The Child of Light that lives within each person seeks to float to the surface effortlessly like an island that has been birthed in the night. The skin of the soul is sensitive, seeking solitude. The being of Light within wishes to come to the surface, like a message in a bottle it wants to be found and opened. Save our souls, SOS, means so much more than what one can write in the sand. For without the souls of the human species a great part of the universe would be void of life.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-25-19

Trump To UN -

"Wakey, Wakey Sleepyheads"

The Disruptor in Chief tells it like it is in the Heart of Rockefeller Darkness, the cucked UN:

This 7 mo old bread from the Great Awakening board is still tasty, if a little long; White Rabbit time:

A little bit of WWII history you were never meant to discover; Sociopathic Zionist bankers did it:

No Fear, folks, quantum computing really means the end of Cabal secret programs; Go NESARA:

Yes, yes and yes let’s get on with it already; the handwriting is on the fossil fuel wall; Ponder on:

It's high time to lawyer up all you crooked RICO clowns; The Punisher has been loosed! Git sum: 

Lovely Lisa is back with some spot-on observations on surfing the Ascension Tsunami; grokfest:

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, September 20, 2019

Via Multiple Mike Hisself

With the young people of the world showing more and more independence and determination to bring about changes, the old regime cannot last much longer and must make way for the changes necessary to move Humanity firmly onto a new path that is opening up for them.

People are sensing that changes are imminent and are eager to move onto a new path that is free from the old dictates that have become outdated. There are many souls who have incarnated at this time specifically to serve the people and help them understand what is required of them. They have a different outlook and understanding of events on Earth and know that they have an important part to play in bringing the new into being.

The old energies are being played out never to return, and already the new vibrations are beginning to lift people up, and their sights are set upon creating a pathway to the New Age.

Time is running out for the old energies of confusion and disruption, and there is a new energy emerging that will leave the old vibrations behind. The time for suffering is up and in the near future a new and heartfelt approach will be taken to bring it to an end.

Some souls are so involved with the old energies that they will find it hard to release themselves from them, but be assured help will be given providing they are responsive to it.

Those higher Beings who oversee Humanity’s evolution are guiding you onto a path that will move you on from which you will never look back. The old ways can no longer influence your future unless you allow it, so be aware of the opportunities placed before you and take what is presented to you. Many, many souls are working hard to get you going in the right direction.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-24-19

 The Pumpkin Of Dorian Gray

Morag dials up a good overview of the Lightworker Follies au courant; Grokfest ahead:

A trail of bad science and plain propaganda since 1967; Reptoid repetition abounds: 

Royal Rife was hounded and eventually killed by [Big Pharma/TD] for curing cancer; Game over:

President Trump Said Ready As “Great Upheaval” Begins, Top American Bank Nearing Collapse:

New 'green' jobs are prominently featured in POTUS' economic recovery agenda; Git sum:

Ben Garrison blows off some steam and turns out another amusing and informative cartoon;Wham!

The Woof of Wall Street howls at the moon as All Investors Eve approaches; Buckle up:

Bongino is right, we may just be approaching ‘Peak Stupid’ with this report on dastardly [DS] plans:

Blue Spheres are Us in our higher dimensional Crystalline Lightbodies; It's time to own up to it:

GaiaPortal: The Gaia Planetary Awakens

 Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-23-19 @ 14:14

Golden yellow markers are recognized.

The Sun comes forth from behind the clouds.

The Gaia planetary awakens.

Starlight brilliance is viewed.

Disclosure Digest 9-23-19

Riddle Me This...

Doughy appendages to the rescue; humor is alive and well in Homer, AK; Sheesh:

From Jon Rappoport's Blog >>My memories from the fake news business << Ponderfest ahoy:

They got sum rock-star energy in NRG Stadium; a very happy, very brown audience; Namaste baby:

Google is just trying to get ahead of the Alliance busting them with the Quantum Financial System; 

Our history of WWII was largely written by Cabal controlled academics and C_A clowns:

Lots of sauce in this latest from Sorcha; “and the children will lead you over the cliff”; Who's first:

Going crystalline, are you? I never even heard of this symptom when I was nursing:

Some good update videos from Uncle Dave, the oh so pleasant X22 Report dude (must be Canadian):

My alternate title for this piece is 'My Life As An Omelette'; please  enjoy this soulful video:

The Arcturian Group Message For 9-22-19

Via Marilyn Raffaele

Welcome once again to the Arcturian Group messages.

Everything is proceeding according to plan although it may not seem that way. Each day as more people awaken and begin to question the status quo, the collective consciousness grows lighter.

Many more are now beginning to ponder higher ways of living as they recognize that that which they have always accepted without question does not serve the majority.

Much of the old energy remains alive and well but do not be fooled by appearances for the changes taking place in individual consciousness are beginning to manifest outwardly.

This does not mean everything is going to suddenly become roses and light, but it rather means that increasingly the obsolete creations of duality and separation are being recognized and rejected.

A great deal of exposure is going to take place in the next year. Those who refuse to accept change and continue to flex their three dimensional muscles in hopes of keeping the majority in fear and old energy will find themselves becoming less and less effective as those they hope to control begin opening their eyes.

Intense frequencies of Light are flowing and lifting all who are receptive to higher levels of awareness. Everyone, receptive or not, is feeling these energies. Relax and allow the process of integrating them as best you can.

Detach from the chaos when you feel the need, even if it means simply going to a restroom for a few moments. Center frequently throughout the day and eliminate the “must get this done” programming that pushes you to do, do, do, when your body is tired.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-22-19

Wishing You All A Beautiful And 

Balanced Mabon Autumnal Equinox

Matahariji lovingly channelled this Divine Feminine/Great Mother Equinox Message: Git Sum:

Thanks to Bro Beckow at GAoG for finding this vintage 2013 channelling from JC; Grok on:

A thread of recent David Icke short-snorts, very digestible bites of some nasty realities; Harken, I say:

Good Sorcha post on Deepstate Banks a goin' down; this group does interesting digs, Tovarich:

The Michael/Michelle puppet dances on the world stage;10 million books sold - Oh really:

Again I say: the large print Giveth and the small print Taketh Away! Psychopaths of Silicon Valley:

Meg Benedicte is a very reliable psychic and here is her latest download regarding the Fall Equinox:

Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha!

Attaining Buddhahood 

May I be a guard for those who are protector less, a guide for those who Journey on the road. 

For those who wish to go across the water may I be a boat, a raft, a bridge.

May I be an isle for those who yearn for landfall and a lamp for those who you are looking for light. 

For those who need a resting place may I be a bed. 

For those who need a servant may I honor their needs and serve them in light.

May I be the wishing Jewel, the Vase of Plenty, a Word of power and the Supreme Remedy. 

May I be the tree of Miracles and for every need be the Abundant Holy Cow.

Like the great Earth and other elements enduring as the sky itself, 

For the boundless multitude of living beings,

May I be the ground and vessel of each life.

Thus for every single thing that lives in numbers, like the boundless reaches of the sky,

May I be their sustenance and nourishment, until they pass beyond the bounds of suffering. 

LightTeachers and Buddhas listen!

Just as you who have gone to Bliss in the past, conceived the Awakened Attitude of Mind,

Likewise for the benefit of Beings, I will generate the same attitude.

May I attain Buddhahood
May I attain Buddhahood
May I attain Buddhahood

Friday, September 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-20-19

Saturn's Gone Direct...

You May Now Exhale

This just in from our Dutch White Hat; great content and so-so illustrations - someone tell him:

A 5 minute mini op-ed from Lionel: Why’s Trump A Theatrical Genius; well spoken truth:

My finely tuned conspiracy analytics indicates a high ‘Truth Probability’ for this global scam:

 The Obama crime family is coming into increasingly sharp focus; watch the ‘wives’:

Let the Harvesting of humans for trade and profit come to a speedy End; Make it so:

Cosmic Frequency Shift In Progress/ The Advanced Council Of Interplanetary Light Diane Canfield -

Taking the Pulse of the Disclosure Movement; reporting from Dimensions of Disclosure 201

Oh the irony of it! Sadly for the Babylon Bee, humor has devolved into terminal seriousness:

According to our really old friend, Saul, Love is the universal digestive enzyme; Bon Appetit:

The Hathors: Everything Is Sacred

Via Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here supporting your ever expanding consciousness. We are here reminding you of your personal power to transform energy and therefore transform the reality that you observe. From our vantage point it seems that most Earthwalkers observe this reality from a place of helplessness or powerlessness. They feel there is very little that they can do to shift what is occurring, the chaos, the dysfunction and the misqualified energies.

We are inviting you to step into your ownership as a divine multidimensional being. It is from that awareness and ownership that you truly have the incredible power and ability to uplift and transform your personal life as well as the collective reality you observe.

Everything is energy and vibration. Everything is connected. There is entrainment and resonance with all. You might feel separate, alone or even isolated from this whole, however you and all others are connected to this web of cosmic energy.

Often you feel the tug, the pull or even the push of the energy that is happening in world events.   Every human being is empathic. Most individuals have found clever ways to shut this ability down. It is too intense to deal with and you have forgotten that you have the gift and ability to transform and transmute the negative and misqualitied energies that you encounter.

We return again and again to remind you of your personal power. Each and every action, word or emotion that you express makes an imprint on this collective consciousness. So what can you do each day to truly make a difference. We know that this is a longing within each of you.

We are inviting you to remember the power of ritual and ceremony. It is the focused intent, being fully present in the moment with your actions and your words.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Kryon: We See Humans As Walking Around In 3D Bubbles

 This recent Kryon channelling given in Tempe, AZ contains some of the most direct, succinct galactic perspectives on Gaia's ascension process and our 'Lightworker' roles therein. An old school grokfest with Lee in the chair and Robert Coxon on synthesizer; Git sum Kryon on, mon!

Via Lee Carroll On 9-19-19

 (This video is available on www.arcturiantools,com)

Disclosure Digest 9-19-19


The Harvest Moon; Harbinger Of 

Fall In The Rockies


Some interesting musings on the meaning of human existence from Steve Beckow @GAoG:

Citizenship explained by Anna von Reitz, our northernmost pundit in print; very interdasting:

Here's your complimentary Big Dipper/Little Dipper easy locator; all you have to do is Look Up:

5Gwhiz Batman, this is quite the invisible death-ray weapon; let the culling begin:

DARPA is the Pandora's Box of Mal-tech designed to enslave all of humanity; just sayin':

The Vaccine Follies are starting to get widespread attention - great news; dark to Light:

The scam of academic archeology is exposed by Graham Hancock; a grokfest fer shur:

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

An Urgent Message From Mother Earth

Just In From Ann Albers

Dear Earth Angels,

Mother Earth is in need of prayers now
and it is somewhat urgent.

I talked to my friend Jim Law who transitioned
to heaven a month ago. He is busy working hard
and told me through my friend Summer Bacon
(a wonderful trance medium!) that he is
attempting to get enough people in heaven
and earth to pray "FAST AND HARD" in his words, to prevent a rather large volcanic eruption
that is coming soon if we don't.

Mother Earth is hurting. The divisiveness in
humanity is ripping her up and if you are
at all inclined, please tell her how much
you love her, pray for her spirit and heart
to be healed, pray that humanity find love
for one another and for ourselves.

We've stopped bombs and disasters with our
prayers before.

I believe we can affect this too.

Love you all dearly,
4022 E. Greenway Rd., Suite 11 #206
Phoenix AZ 85032

Disclosure Digest 9-18-19

Git Yer Galactic DNA On!

Patricia Cota-Robles posits that our 12 Strand DNA Integration is coming right up...Git Sum!

Red-pilled in the primaries she was; lie down with swamp creatures and corp. leeches:

Here are 6 good minutes from Lionel explaining Worldwide Water Weaponization by [TD];

Sadly, the punch line from this old Chris Farley skit has become a reality for millions:

America First and we’ll cut our own deals thank you very much; Kiss Off Globalists:

People, the gender wars are an MK Ultra psy-op, nothing more than Anthropological masturbation:

I developed a fondness for Black Humor while nursing, it helps when confronted with grossness:

Tucker entertains us with this 4ish min long 'Wally World Redux' clip from a recent show of his:

Fuggedabout same as it ever was; who is that being starring at me in the mirror? Oy;

GaiaPortal: Archangelics Rejoice!

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-18-19 @ 09:09

Predilections are dissolved.

Truth of BEingness replaces.

Humanity expands, as hu-manity fades.

Garrisons of Light come to the forefront.

Archangelics rejoice.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Creator Writings: Come On In

By Jennifer Farley On 9-17-19

Sometimes, you become so busy planning for the future that you forget your now.  Sometimes, you become so focused on the ‘playback’ of the past, the now is ignored.  By being in the past or future, you may miss the joyous moments that surround you and the gifts The Universe sends you every day.

Today, you are being invited to reacquaint yourself with the now.  Pause, take a look around and see what it feels like to release the ghosts of the past…to let go of the what might be to be here now!  It may be challenging but, The Universe is waiting and ready to  show you what you have been missing. (Smiling) Come on in, the door is open! ~ Creator