Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-12-19


Had Enough Of Upper Class Twits Yet?

Have you noticed a dearth of genuinely funny content in ALL medias? The PC Virus runs rampant:

David Icke is far from PC and I love him for it; he's spot on on the Transgender Agenda. au courant:

It's true that Mayor Pete is from a Black Nobility, Illuminati bloodline; these people are stupid:

Jim & This Awareness outline the NAA for Earth and HUmanity; good, solid info:

Good red pill for newbies starting to freak out over the dark reality of the 5G Agenda; muhkay:

The Federal Reserve Takedown Ballet is spinning it's way into all of our hearts: Grok sum:

Always use discrimination awareness with Sorcha Fal; take what resonates and leave the rest:

Duh! Can you spell 'Black Ops SSP’s'; Wake up, people, we've already got a Space Force:

You'll never hear any of the below info from Never A Straight Answer or the Lamestream Media:

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