Friday, September 27, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-27-19

 Moar Jobs Brought Back To America

We welcome GAOG to The Land Of The Red Pills; grab a soft drink and some popcorn frens:

New Moon beginnings abound; read all about it in this latest Ecoastrology Update; ponderfest:

X22 Trump message to Globalists was received; the Follies ramp up to full on hysteria: grokfest:

I always liked Dr. Bronner's products for their purity and presence in The Whole Earth Catalog: 

ZeroHedge gives us a serviceable overview of the satanic cultist's vehement backlash to POTUS:

Sol Alinskey Redux; the twisted sociopath who played Dr. Frankenstein to the Klintons; grab garlic:

Thanks to EraofLight for this posting; yup, more on the New Moon energies for y'all:

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