Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-25-19

Trump To UN -

"Wakey, Wakey Sleepyheads"

The Disruptor in Chief tells it like it is in the Heart of Rockefeller Darkness, the cucked UN:

This 7 mo old bread from the Great Awakening board is still tasty, if a little long; White Rabbit time:

A little bit of WWII history you were never meant to discover; Sociopathic Zionist bankers did it:

No Fear, folks, quantum computing really means the end of Cabal secret programs; Go NESARA:

Yes, yes and yes let’s get on with it already; the handwriting is on the fossil fuel wall; Ponder on:

It's high time to lawyer up all you crooked RICO clowns; The Punisher has been loosed! Git sum: 

Lovely Lisa is back with some spot-on observations on surfing the Ascension Tsunami; grokfest:

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