Sunday, September 29, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-29-19


From the Swirling Epi-Center 

Of The Bozone Cyclone

Blossom leads off today with a message from the Folks (FOL) in her rafters; 5D grokfest folks:

Somehow I feel that Greta the Gremlin was up after bedtime. got wet and turned into this:

While we're on the clown meme who could forget this bit of bad acting from Adam (Shifty) Schiff:

The Resniks are known to me from my Aspen days; cabal satanists through and through; Fiji Farce: 

Disney Darkness exposed again; finally the truth of the black magic kingdom becomes better known: 

Have you noticed the increase of multiple numbers catching your eye lately? You winking at you:
I always suspected that Hillary and Bill were 'Rosemary’s babies' = satanic hybrids; use discretion 

The Hydra-headed 5G monster is loose and the Swiss are going full-on NIMBY; telling:

Living in the Truth We Experience - from the Energetic Synthesis newsletter courtesy of Lisa Renee:

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