Sunday, September 29, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-28-19

Reporting On the Deeply Light Deficient

I really like this thread from our old friend and Q analyst, Tracey Beanz;Enjoy the Show:

Praying Medic does the Q-Triage on the current impeachment hysteria; they're stupid and panicking:

The [DS] politicos are seemingly burning their ships! Sorcha tells all - Spaciba Tovarich:

More climate change fear porn being debunked in surprising quarters; ANTIFA = Anti-Life:

Thanks to Ron Head for this timely reminder from The council; quite ponderable, Eh:

Anna does Amerika: Chapter X - 'Who Really Owns Your As', a must read for Patriots:

The highly educated and basically sane Swiss citizens are blowing off the 5G force-feeding;

Sandra Walter brings us up to speed on the activations and portal openings happening right NOW:

Here’s why the Buddha’s teachings really pissed off the Cabal back in his time: same today:

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