Monday, September 30, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-30-19

The Meme Wars, Begun They Have

The Cringe is strong with this one! NYT tries Trump memes, falls flat on face & gets MEMED:

Enjoy Ann Albers' latest from the Angels via our friends at GAoG; Ooh, strangely colored lights:

Another severe outbreak of Bozonitis on Capitol Hill, low-def C-Span for your viewing pleasure:

Cute study of the body language behind the meaningless repetition of various talking points; KEK:

 Morag provides a guided tour of Gaia's 3/4/5D contortions as She births New Earth for Hue-manity:

Schiffty & And His Gang Of Sock-puppets to the rescue!; Turd-blossoms on parade, Ayup: 

This very recent Kryon channelling on The Prime Directive begins at the 10 minute mark; Grokfest:

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