Sunday, September 15, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-15-19

Muh Merkaba, Mon

Some good news for Anons, Fags, Bakers and Lurkers out there; Q's coming back w/Galactic tech:

X22 Report - Episode 1970b; This Is Not A Game, [DS] Attacks Intensified, Barr Receives Report:

Gotta show Dr. Joe (my longtime pot-doc here in Boulder, CO) some Love; Ponderfest people:

Cancer Cure! Cancer Cures!! Cannabis Cures Cancer!!! Holy Malarkie, Batman, shrinking tumors:

Killa Google!!! Terminator Automatc Toilets For Quick ‘Elimination’! Git Sum HAL on:

POTUS racist? Puhleeeze!!! Here's some more positive Trump news the LameStream Media avoids:

Thanks to John Smallman for this message and his years of reliable long distance work; Nanu, Nanu:

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