Monday, September 2, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-2-19

Bad Man Boris!

Bulldog Boris! The English are getting a crash course in Trumpian Cabal deconstruction; smashing:

Go Kill Bad Orange Man!!! Must Exterminate!!! Resistance Is Futile; a little more to the left, eh:

Thanks to Suzanne @GAoG for compiling these channellings into one handy post; Ponder On, Garth:

Every time I read the word 'ripple' that grateful Dead tune starts playing and it's Flashback City:

KP is still with us on the Big Island (for the present) and still posting some good info; grokfest here:

Covefe kerfuffle; only The Maestro trolls the Fake News Media with such style and panache; Arriba:

Multiple Mike marches us out of today's Digest with a heartening message for the crazy days ahead:

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