Monday, December 31, 2012

Bella Capozzi ~ Pleiadian Archangelic Realm : “Angels, Angels, Everywhere”

May The Angels Bless You And Hold You In The Highest Vibrations In The Coming New Year...DT the ET


Channelled By Bella Capozzi On Dec 14, 2012

❄ With the opening of the 12-12-12 portal comes great shift and revelation.  We know that you have heard much about the changes you might expect, and the effects to be had upon both your Human physicality and your outer environment.  You are seasoned Lightworkers, the vast majority of you who regularly read these types of messages.

We see your numbers are growing by leaps and bounds, as more and more people link up with expanding collective.  We observe this as a light growing brighter, a storm gaining strength, a swirling, foggy bank of energy moving ever inward from the shore.  It is a quiet progress.  A simple one that goes so subtly undetected that tenderest souls ought  feel no fear, no trepidation.  They shan’t recoil in confusion and horror, for there is naught presented to them to recoil from.  These are the early days.  This is the way it needs to be – a gentle, sweet progression.  We wholly trust that this one particular transmission shall find it’s way into the hands of the ones such as these, for it is to them that we speak.  Fear not, Dear Ones.  We are quite real.  Angels are real indeed, and we are everywhere.  You are precious and by us, you are dearly loved.

GaiaPortal: Channels of 5D Energy have Widened Upon Gaia

Channelled By ÉirePort – December 30, 2012

Channels of 5D energy have widened upon Gaia. 

These widened channels part of process of Gaia upliftment into 5D. 

Sensation of floating, and/or “not being present in 3D” are currently the norm.

As these sensations are embraced, as much as possible, infusion of 5D energies into Gaia occurs.

“humanity (small ‘s’)” dissolves. Hue-manity awakens.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

You Have Crosssed A Barrier No Man Has Ever Done Before

Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 245

As Channeled by Aisha North – December 30, 2012

The year of 2012 is fast running out, and with it, the anticipation of what is coming is building. As we have already touched upon, this can in many ways be likened to not only the starting of a new year, but actually the starting of a new era. For what you have accomplished in these last few weeks, far surpasses anything you have ever been through, and as such, you will all be well armed to take up the challenge of continuing to build your new world.

This will only be a short missive, as there is not much to say about what you are about step out from that has not already been talked about. However, we would like you all to take some time to connect in gratitude, for what you have achieved is nothing short of admirable. You have indeed come a very, very long way in a very short time, and even if many of you will feel at a loss at these words, thinking that they have yet to feel that they have accomplished anything apart from some rather intense physical and mental outbursts, know that this is not the case.

So again we say take some time to sit down in silence and thank yourself for all that you have done to get you where you are now. And then, take some time to try to tune into the brand new that is arriving. For you are indeed on the threshold of so much dear ones, not just a new year on your calendar, but a new start in the history of mankind.

Matthew 12/29/2012


 Message from Matthew

December 29, 2012 Through Suzy Ward

[December 21st reactions, actual effects; beliefs create reality; aftermath of darkness, clearing away “debris”; expectations; God in charge of ET arrival; information sources; ascension smoother from now on; soul and science, same energy ]

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.

December 21st, the date long awaited with excitement and musing about what would occur, has come and gone.

Individual experiences that day were as personal and unique as each soul itself is. Nevertheless, the majority of sensations felt by lightworkers can be described as moments of heightened spiritual attunement for some; a sense of peacefulness and well being for others; and disheartenment for those who expected to see momentous changes.  Except for the “doomsday” concept followers, the general reaction of the rest of Earth’s population who gave any thought at all to the Mayan calendar was, I knew nothing out of the ordinary would happen.

Our beloved Earth family, something absolutely out of the ordinary did happen! Everyone in your world would rejoice with us if they knew that the powerful energy that was anchored on Earth during the solstice illuminated many millions of souls.  They include those who have no knowledge of Earth’s ascension or are in the “fence-straddler” ranks or have been edging toward dark ways.  Albeit unknowingly, all of them have intensified in the collective consciousness the desire and determination to right the wrongs in your world.

A Message from Archangel Gabriel Channeled Through Shelly Young

Hallelujah ~ Channeled December 21, 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones, how pleased and honoured we are to be in your presence today. You have made it. You are here. What a remarkable thing humanity has accomplished! We are so filled with joy, filled with excitement, filled with overwhelming love for each and every one of you because you have created moving into the new age. We are so excited and so, so proud.

We invite you to take a moment to pat yourselves on the back. It has not been an easy journey, and we understand that. You have fought through the density. You have believed. You have waved your faith like a flag. You have been fearless.

You have shown courage and tenacity. You have been the wayshowers, the path pavers and the ones who will continue to lead the way through your brilliant examples, and we couldn’t be more happy for you because things are about to change in the most magnificent ways.

Most of humanity has been aware of this pivotal alignment that you are sitting in right now. Many, such as yourselves, have seen it for what it is, for being a brand new beginning, a new cycle. Just as you mark the solstice as being the end of the darkness, and the beginning of the influx of light again, so it is with this age. It is the end of the darkness and the beginning of the light, of The Golden Christed Age. You cannot fathom what that means but you will see soon enough, and it is wonderful, let us assure you.

Archangel Michael Through Ron Head: We Have Some Good News for You

As Channeled by Ron Head – December 30, 2012

As we begin our last message for your year of 2012, let us give our deepest appreciation to each of those who have followed our channelings throughout these months for all of their dedication and efforts toward your planet’s ascension.

None of you has had an easy time of it, and yet, here you are, preparing for another year of the same.  Well, we have some good news for you.  While there is still quite a way for you to go on this journey, you will soon be quite well aware that the most difficult part of this undertaking is behind you.

You are far stronger now and have at your disposal inner resources you have not begun to uncover.  The masters that you have been, the leaders that you have been, the healers that you have been, and much more, are now just beneath the surface, and you will bring them forth now.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

DL Zeta On Activating 5D Timelines

We are in an amazing time filled with new potentials that offer each person the possibility to experience their highest visions and gift the world with amazing new ideas, innovations, works of art and discoveries.

The key to living along timelines where our highest and best exists is to unite our physical and energetic selves. As we become one within ourselves, we're able to unite with the gifts and talents we have cultivated throughout the history of our soul. Cultivating inner oneness allows us to do all this and more.

The greatest challenges we face are those that arise from a state of inner separation. This is what happens when we choose to see ourselves solely as a physical being. When we limit our experience to only that which we can observe with our physical senses, we cut ourselves off from a great amount of the assistance we would otherwise receive from our energetic self. It is through the union of our physical and energetic selves that we're able to access fifth-dimensional timelines aligned with our highest visions and dreams.

Suzanne Lie ~ The Fourth Day ~ Gaia And The Arcturians

This Is A Must Read Post- DT the ET

Dear Beings of my Earth, I am Gaia.

FourDaysI wish to speak with you this day. As you know, in all ascension stories the ascending ones must go into the underworld for three days and three nights before they can fully accept their new state of expression. I, and many of my inhabitants, have been within the underworld since our merging with the energies of 12-21-12.

As most of you know, the first thing that happens when the light increases is that the hidden darkness is revealed. Within the twilight and dawning day, in which we have been living, many aspects of fear could hide in the shadows. As the Sun comes into its apex the shadows are removed and that which has been hidden is revealed. It is the revelation of hidden darkness that creates the need of our journey into the underworld.

Once that which we wish to release is revealed, we must go deep within our SELF to find the cause and core of our attachment to that which we no longer want to experience. I, your Earth Mother Gaia, am just arising from my three days and nights in the underworld. It is not an accident that the Soul message of the birth of Christ Consciousness on December 25 was created, as it was the fourth day after December 21.

Sheldan Nidle: Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy – December 25, 2012

As Received by Sheldan Nidle – December 25, 2012

Dratzo! We return! During this holiday season we are preparing a series of final surprises for the dark which will mark the end of our waiting-period. Then our sacred allies’ many programs for manifesting your new reality can begin. Much has transpired over the past few months that can finally permit us to start the final moves toward new governance and a formal disclosure announcement. Here it is important to note that disclosure will allow us to address you directly for the very first time. Once we can speak directly with you, we intend to deal with various vital subjects right from the outset.

Your world has been run for millennia by a group of ultra-wealthy and very powerful men and women whose sole concern was for themselves alone. It is now time for your interests to be fully represented and this we intend to secure! Your present economic and societal predicaments need to be looked after properly by those who are about to take the helms of your new governments and new financial institutions. You also must be informed about what has been happening over the last decade to prevent all this from manifesting as was originally planned.

As you know, the dark’s many members have controlled the world’s major governments for millennia. Each regime is given a catalog of set responses that they must adhere to in order to control any given situation. Moreover, each leader has a handler whose task is to ensure that ‘given’ government agendas are followed assiduously. In the main this has produced behavior that ensures the power of the dark’s minions; however, what is about to happen will short-circuit this self-perpetuating closed-loop. The new governance will restore your rightful power which you unwittingly gave up at birth. These divine rights will be returned to you and we implore you to exercise them with rigor and joy!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 243

 As Channeled by Aisha North – December 26, 2012

It has already started to become lighter, and we do not mean that just in the sense of the lengthening of the days in the northern hemisphere. The light quotient on your planet has increased many-fold these last few days, as the portal that you were all instrumental in opening on the days surrounding December 21. has already been successful in delivering enormous amounts of energy down to your little planet.

It has been likened to an enormous waterfall, and rightly so, as this incessant stream of light is just like those gigantic waterfalls you can witness out in the nature on your beautiful little planet. And just like those waterfalls, so too will this stream of light continue to replenish you all incessantly and abundantly in the times ahead.
For now, you have all been connected to this unending stream of light, and even if the information carried within all of this light cannot yet be detected clearly, it has already started to work its magic. Not only on you, but on your whole planet, and as such, it can be likened to a second coming to use a phrase many of you are familiar with. We do not refer to any single entity here, quite the opposite, as what has arrived on your shores is for all, no exclusions will be made. For this force is an indiscriminate one, for this is from the source of love, and love knows no boundaries.

Archangel Michael Through Ron Head: It is Not Exactly a Gift You Know

As Channeled by Ron Head – December 23, 2012

We come once again to congratulate you for the passing of another significant marker, the most significant one ever, as a matter of fact. It went amazingly well.

Oh yes, there were a great number of very surprised people. Some were surprised by what has happened. Most were surprised by what appeared not to have happened. At least the fearful are appreciative that the doom and gloom prophets were wrong, as we told you.

It is as we foretold, my friends. You heard us say many times that the biggest change ever would occur in your energetic being, and that of Earth and all its creatures. You understood this, and yet you held on to expectations of much more. Yes, we did speak many times of much more, and we tell you now, these things are coming. They are coming because now you are equipped to see to it. You are able. You are capable. You will discover that you know how. There is a very great deal for you to discover now about yourselves. But that will be fun, don’t you think? Fun and amazing.

Gaia Portal: Subtleties in Tone are Enhanced

Channelled By ÉirePort December 25, 2012 

Subtleties in tone in all senses are enhanced as "experiences" become increasingly in the 5D realm. Separation from all formerly embraced 3D aspects will be the normal state for Hue-manity, and for humanity general. The illusion can no longer be embraced.

Attunement with Higher D Gaia is most helpful to Hue-manity development, as all individual Ascension processes are intended for Gaia Ascension. Flowering of seeming lower entities occurs as this collective "Attunement with Higher D Gaia" intensity rises.

Fantasies are dropped. Myths are seen for what they are. The reality of Higher Gaia manifests.


"Nothing ever truly goes away until it has taught you what you wanted to learn"

Channelled By Taryn Crimi On 12/20/12

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of life lessons. Know that no lesson is ever forced upon you; rather you always chose the lessons which you would like to focus on in each lifetime. You of course always have the ability to amend such decisions, however much of this is done on a subconscious level.

Many of you are experiencing many difficult situations in not only your own lives but also in the lives of others around you. This is to be expected as the energy at this time is particularly intense. Much is surfacing which you thought you had long since released. We realize how frustrating this can be, although this is often times a more gentle way of releasing rather than experiencing a very large traumatic event all at once and being forced to face the brunt of your fears in just one blow. In many cases this would be just too traumatic for one to handle all at once.

“The Interim” by Cosmic Awareness

Denise LeFay, Transitions,

Please listen to this December 22, 2012 channeled message from Cosmic Awareness through Will Berlinghof because it will help you, if needed, to better understand that all of these ”three days” (12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12) are profoundly important transitional Ascension Stair Steps.

Download and listen to this message, this description about these “three days”, as it will help you understand that this too is an unfolding Process and that it didn’t all happen yesterday December 21, 2012, but is still unfolding today, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night.

Link To Audio-

USE these “three days” and be in your High Heart; USE them to send your love, gratitude and thanks to those humans and animals (your beloved pets etc.) and/or locations, places  etc. that have given so much to you in this life and/or in other lives as well. And pay attention to your dreams during these “three days” (72 hours)  because there is a lot of non-physical meetings with old friends; greetings with loved ones who died years or decades ago etc. which is part of this Ascension Life Review transition we’re going through during these “three days” (72 hour period).

My deepest thanks and gratitude to Cosmic Awareness and Co. for these very important last few days channeled messages. ♥
Denise Le Fay
December 22, 2012

[To Read The Transcript Of This Message Please Click On This Page-Break DT the ET]