Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/21/12 Winter Solstice, Boulder CO 4:12 AM MST


Boulder Astrologer Extraordinaire,  Denny Robertson, Offers A Behind-The Stars Look At The Over-The Top Solstice/Ascension Energies Currently Re-Shaping Our World. 

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The Boulder chart for Winter Solstice 2012, 12/21/12 is ruled by transformation (Pluto) and discipline (Saturn,) in each other’s signs (Scorpio and Capricorn) in a tight cooperative aspect.  Pluto and Saturn also each form a balance and adjustment aspect (inconjunct) to Jupiter the principal of expansion, setting up a yod, “finger of God.”

The recipient of these adjustments, in mirror-like opposition to Jupiter is Venus the planet of love. The chart house placements are the theaters in which the planets are acting.  In the Boulder location, Saturnian responsibility is in the house of surrender, helping to facilitate Pluto’s transformation in the house of values. The unusual inconjunct aspect is also known as “a mission from God.”

Pluto and Saturn aim their cooperation at Jupiter’s generosity and expansion in the theater of relationships via great communication. Mission accomplished, our relationships bless us with kind words, illuminating our identification with global and cosmic beauty and compassion. “Generosity is the virtue that produces peace,”  (chant from Buddhist feast offering.)   Relationship is sacred work, in which confidence, fearlessness, and maturity are invited to the feast.  Let the celebration begin.  We are ready.
Destiny of the moment (north node in watery Scorpio) stands at the dawning of our new self-awareness (the ascendant) is cooperating with the action planet Mars in the sign of discipline and house of communication.  It is well favored by asteroid of feminine wisdom Athena, in surrender mode (watery Pisces) in the watery house of feelings, family, and home.  For this precious moment, the seas are calm. The inner and outer battles have stopped, as the higher calling to love is embraced.

Maitri, loving kindness starting with self-love and care, is the healthy basis for interpersonal and universal love and compassionate action.  The chart’s Sun and Uranus, the ruler and the revolution square off, acting in the theaters of values and creativity, engaging with great respect for each other’s gifts and energy.  It is a cease-fire in which intimate (inner and outer,) community, and planetary love is celebrated, signified by the ritual loving asteroid Juno conjunct the Sun.  The king and queen, male and female in each of us, kiss and unite to meet the change and challenge coming in the new solar year.

Karma (south node in earthy Taurus) releases attachments to the beauty of the past, fertilizes intimate and global relationships with beauty and passions enjoyed but not owned, with strength and stamina celebrated but not enslaved by anyone, anywhere, anytime. From sweatshops to sweat yoga, we dedicate the merit to all sentient beings, and let go.

Emotions (Moon in Aires) are fiery and well favored for self-expression.  Let them warm us, spark our creativity, fuel our exuberance with love and joy. This seasonal celebration honors the planet’s cycle of light, cycles of coming and going, increase and decrease, giving and receiving the pleasures of being.

Boulder is a city of light, deeply involved in the ascension of Gaia.  The 12/21/12 Solstice chart for Boulder focuses energy into personal activities: “I am; I have; I say; I feel; I love and create” (houses 1 – 5.) We peek into interpersonal affairs with Saturn in surrender and south node of release in relationship, “we are.” We are letting go and sharing our beauty, good fortune, sacred outlook, in an offering of personal transformation. The chart says we are planet healers, with Virgo on the mid-heaven, and Neptune, part of fortune, and wounded healer Chiron at the home base, nadir, sextile and cooperating with the Sun. It’s a self-care moment, bathed in loving kindness for the world.

We find joy in the pause, a moment’s rest at the end of the old cycle well done, and a celebration of love’s light returning in a natural cycle.


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