Monday, December 10, 2012

Tazjima: The Divine Mother – Welcome Home!

Channelled By Tazjima On Dec. 9, 2012

As I look upon your world, I see that all of you are beginning to wake up to the fact that you are indeed a part of each other; that none of you has ever been separate from yourselves or from Source. For some of you this is startling information for you have forgotten from thence you have come.

You are an emanation, a soul extension of your own soul, who is, in its turn, an extension or step down from its monad or soul family and so on until Source is reached. Yet you exist within Source; in truth you have never been anywhere else. You have merely forgotten and allowed yourself to be deluded into believing that you are separate from your parents, from Mother / Father God, from the rest of the universes, from All That Is.

Now, for the first time on a planetary scale, a people has the opportunity to experience the wholeness of All That Is from the second dimension on up to the highest vibrational levels available to a soul embodied in a physical body on a physical world, up to the 10 dimension.

This is all possible due to your souls being willing to place a portion of their awareness into physicality, into an experience of being separate from all creation so that it could learn all there is to learn about itself and eventually to be willing to return to the unity in which it truly exists. That time is now upon you. The reunion with All That Is has commenced. The cycles of physical experience of duality are ending and the cycle of physical experience of unity is now beginning.

We understand that this new world in which you have stepped, some unknowingly at one level, is one that may appear unknown and scary at first, for within it there is nearly unlimited opportunity for expansion. It will take some adjustment and much releasing of conditioning and memories of past trauma and hurts until you are comfortable with the fact that there is no longer a need to protect or defend yourself from other parts of your Self. The complications and divisions of duality do not apply to the new world into which you have just been born. Here is simplicity, joy and union.

Allow yourselves a moment or two to immerse into the new sensations that your body is attempting to interpret in its old manner, which it is slowly discovering do not work any longer. Here you need no maps for your explorations. There is no need for a GPS or other mechanical devices in order to find your way or your center. Listen within, to your intuition and to your heart for guidance. In this way your guides will reveal how each of you must move in order to feel more comfortable in this strange new world.

The complexities of duality lie behind you on the other side of the Veil which you have moved through during your “night” of Spirit. We understand your reluctance to let down your guard, to open yourself up to the new sensations, but with practice you will learn to move through this new environment with grace and sureness. There is much to discover and much to re-member.

Since you are still wrapped up in the appearance of separate physical bodies, you might not understand for a while that you are indeed now all experiencing the unity field of creation. However, as you are able to let go of your need to protect yourself from experiencing this new world, we know that you will discover a new sensation of sharing each other’s thoughts and feelings. You will begin to understand how interconnected you truly are, one with the other who stands before you in another physical body. You will be able to look a tiger in its eye and see your own soul staring out at yourself. You will begin to see yourself as existing in the flowers that grow in your garden, the great trees of the forest, in the waters and stones of the mountains and plains.

You will begin to open up to the true vastness of your being and understand that all of you truly encompass creation. There is no end to you for you are a part and portion of the wholeness of All That Is. This is the experience of living in the unity field, within the love that binds the world and all its creatures into one crystalline grid, into a living Web of life. And this web of love extends into, through and beyond what you can see and experience in your physical body, but in your thoughts and dreams you can learn to experience the vastness and beauty of this creation. There is no limit to All That Is. There is no limit to who and what you are.

Before you are arrayed the endless possibilities of a new life, with yourself and with each other; it is up to you to learn in what direction you should travel. Now there are no limitations to your imagination but what is the natural tendency and flow of your soul and its desire to experience life.

You will find a new rhythm to life, as you seek out new ways to experience the sensations of the unity field. As you open to the flow of love and light within, you will find a corresponding connection within all living things around you, even those things you did not believe were alive or awareness while you lived within the delusion of separation and duality.

The cycle of duality has ended; a new way of being is opening to all. Step into this new world, open your eyes and your physical senses. Understand that after a while, your senses will expand and incorporate more intuitive understanding of your new world as you adjust to new ways of sensing everything that is a part of a much vaster you than you have felt for a very long time.

My children, you have been “away” from me and from each other, living in an illusionary world of separation. You are no longer a part of that world; it is over. Open your eyes, your spiritual inner eyes and discover for yourselves all that there is now to be seen and felt. We know that delight and joy will overtake you as you release the last vestiges of fear, hurt and feelings of unworthiness.

You are all my children and there is no judgment here for what has been experienced while immersed in the delusion of duality. You experienced separation, fear and hatred so that you might truly understand that there are no way you can truly be separate from All That Is when we can so joyfully greet all of you home.

Every soul extension that has been a part of the play of duality is now welcomed home, to rejoin soul family and friends, in a celebration of reunion with love and light, with All That Is. You are now in a world where you will discover connection, love and unity. There will be variation as that is the way of the expanding consciousness of the Father, but within that vastness there is much room to play and to be.

Open your hearts and minds, dear ones, and learn to be as children once again, with eyes filled with joy and delight with each new discovery, with no perceived limitations and surrounded by the comfort of each other’s presence. We welcome you Home.

Thank you, beloved Divine Mother.

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