Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Archangel Michael Through Ron Head: It Is The Will And Decree Of Your Creator, And It Will Be

As Channeled by Ron Head – December 04, 2012

Becoming a Being of LightWe have spoken through all of our trusted channels about the clearing of your old fears and hurts, dearest friends. And yet, even though we know you have seen these messages, we see you continuing to identify with the situations that these energies bring to your attention as they arise. These things are not you. It makes you feel stressed, sad, and helpless when you see them as part of your selves, part of your lives.

Realize, please, that this is no longer so, and in fact, never was. These are but experiences that you have had, lessons you had chosen to learn. Let them go. They are arising now simply for the purpose of lightening your load, so to speak. Allow yourselves to see that they are not a part of you, and let them go into the light.

As we have urged you before, you may want to thank them for helping you to reach your present level of understanding. But do not identify with them any longer. Float them away in a balloon of light. Float them down a stream in a paper boat. Whatever image works for you, use it. But do not allow yourselves any longer to become engaged in the dramas that they bring to your minds or your hearts.

We know you can feel how this weakens you and draws you down. And do not worry that this is holding you back from your stated intentions to walk through this gateway that approaches. It will not. So save yourselves the heartache and take control. Let them go. Tell them to “begone”. Find the thoughts, the words, that work for you.

Begin to understand that you are the creator of your universe, one of an infinite number of universes, but nevertheless yours. We know that sooner rather than later this will all be a thing of the past, even though you seem not to feel that approaching at times. But we tell you again, it is on your doorstep.

Allow yourself to feel this and make this a time of celebration. If it is those around you that are your concern, realize that, even though they seem not to understand or even care, they are being immersed in the very same field of unconditional love that you are. This will have the desired result at some point. It is the will and decree of your Creator, and it will be.

Make it your purpose to be a beacon to which they can turn. Let that purpose remove the worries from your hearts.

Today once again, we see so many of you feeling the incremental rise in the incoming light and love. If you feel like dancing and celebrating, go ahead. But save some energy, my friends, because there is a lot more of it to come. In love we walk with you. Good day.

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