Thursday, December 27, 2012

DL Zeta On Activating 5D Timelines

We are in an amazing time filled with new potentials that offer each person the possibility to experience their highest visions and gift the world with amazing new ideas, innovations, works of art and discoveries.

The key to living along timelines where our highest and best exists is to unite our physical and energetic selves. As we become one within ourselves, we're able to unite with the gifts and talents we have cultivated throughout the history of our soul. Cultivating inner oneness allows us to do all this and more.

The greatest challenges we face are those that arise from a state of inner separation. This is what happens when we choose to see ourselves solely as a physical being. When we limit our experience to only that which we can observe with our physical senses, we cut ourselves off from a great amount of the assistance we would otherwise receive from our energetic self. It is through the union of our physical and energetic selves that we're able to access fifth-dimensional timelines aligned with our highest visions and dreams.

Unifying the Physical and the Energetic Bodies

We have a physical body we're able to observe through our five senses. Working in conjunction with the physical level is our energetic body which exists beyond the physical. Our energetic self is not confined to the boundaries of time and space. It is able to ride waves of energy and pick up the vibration of realities crystalyzing in our near future. Our energy body can access portals and time openings, receive and send information to and from the vast libraries of all-time and all-knowing. This information and assistance can be used to restore balance to all levels of our being.

Dream States help Assimilate Universal Knowledge

Once our energy body brings us what is needed, this information is assimilated in various ways, including dream states and deep levels of meditation. As we allow ourselves to put these understandings to use in our daily lives, we're able to restore balance at all levels of our being. When we restore balance in this way, we're able to bring about healing and regeneration of our physical system. Universal knowledge accessed by our energetic self helps us heal emotional wounds and unite with talents and abilities from past and future life selves. It allows us to experience deeper levels of self-realization in this lifetime. One lifetime fully realized has the power to entrain past and future life selves to their highest potentials and set us on the path of ascension.

We are More than our Physical Selves

Keys to unifying our physical and energetic bodies is to accept that we are more than our physical selves. This sounds simple but throughout time people have set intentions that effectively closed them off from receiving the blessings derived from the unification of these aspects of themselves.
Thought Viruses Seek to Conquer and Divide

Those divided within themselves are easy to control and enslave. When a person is shut off from receiving assistance and understanding from their energetic self, they are disempowered, their energy easily preyed upon. This leaves them subject to scarcity, struggle, suffering, disease and death.
Thought viruses are passed from one person to another. They are encoded into certain belief systems in much the same way that viruses are encoded into computer programs. When our physical and energetic selves work together, we are able to see through the thought viruses we encounter. We can be grateful for thought viruses because they provide us with important feedback as to where we're at with inner unification.

Intention Filters Block the Union of the Physical and Energetic Bodies

Our energetic self is always going out, bringing us what we need to carry out our mission here. It always brings us everything we ask for at the moment we ask for it. If we are not receiving the things we ask for, we can examine if we're blocking ourselves from receiving the love, information, abundance, assistance and resources we're asking for.

Some people limit their receptivity through beliefs about what they feel they deserve or don't deserve. Some people limit their receiving capability due to unhealed or unresolved emotions. There's an array of filters a person might place on their existence, each tied to a wound, intention or limiting belief that serves as a filter for their experience. Ironically, these filters block the very things that empower and enrich experience.

As we observe our own consciousness and bring awareness to any filters we're placing on our potentials, we're able to burn through anything that stands between our physical and energetic selves and the magical synchronicities that are the natural result of these two aspects of ourselves working together in perfect peace and harmony.

For more on timeline shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta
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