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Tazjima - The Council Of Nine

 The Council of Nine — Entrance into a New World
  As Given Through Tazjima On December 9, 2012,

We are the Council of Nine. And we have come today to give you greetings: You have entered into the new world!

Ah, yes… the same houses, trees and gardens line the street when you look out your window. There are the same wires hanging across the way, the street lamps, the vehicles, the same clouds as the day before, but we tell you this – you have entered the new world nonetheless. Were you expecting to be somewhere else?

It is actually a case of being some One else than actually going anywhere. Your earth is now able to hold the energies of 2D to 10D and so your physical bodies are adapting to new sensations. Just last night before going to sleep, our scribe felt her feet tingling almost like they were in the process of disintegrating, buzzing and just feeling odd. Today those feet look the same to her; her body has not changed its appearance as yet.

In the recent messages from Aisha North her group has stated that your bodies are going to be giving you mixed signals of distress in the next days. Our scribe has found this to be quite an accurate interpretation of what is going on, without knowing quite where this is all going.

It is a time to trust Spirit as you move into the higher vibrational worlds and rediscover what it is to be human, to still be in a physical body that you thought was designed to exist only in the third dimension. Your body is in the process of adjusting to being more ephemeral, less dense than before. 

Its energies are spreading out and adjusting to the lack of pressure from the element of time. With practice you will be able to change your body’s appearance, but not quite yet, as you are still in the process of adjusting to the new “feel” of the energies.

We understand that some lightworkers believe there needs to be disasters and catastrophes to announce the advent of the new world, but we tell you that those events are no longer necessary. We are here to let you know that while there will be necessary adjustments on the part of your mother, the Earth, that humanity on the whole has adjusted enough in their collective attitude to make the long prophesized “events” of the Shift totally unnecessary.

This will prove to be a disappointment to some for there is in some people a desire to be right, to show that some people deserve to suffer through judgments by the Almighty. Why else would all the various sects exist, even among those ranks of the lightworkers and starseeds who have come to this planet to save it and its people from destruction?

We ask you now: Where is your compassion? Where is your humanity? Can you not see that even the smallest and most humble of beings upon this planet is worthy of God’s love? Why can you not love them, the forgotten ones? Why can you not love those who are deemed by some among you as the scum of the earth, the traitors to your cause, the ones who have forsaken family and friends?

Why can you not forgive those who have “hurt” you, who have taken away your home, your belongings, your health, your children, and your freedom? Do you really believe that a part of God can harm another part of God? Are you so sunk in the illusion of duality that you cannot see that you have bought into, at least temporarily, the conditional aspects of duality – that there is actually limitations, that there is something and someone to fear, that other parts of God can destroy you and all that you are?

We have come to remind you that you are a part of God, a part of those who have created you and now it is time to remember that as being real. Your body is the first bit of yourself to begin to experience this new sensation of being a part of the Whole. Your mind and thoughts must adjust to this new sensation, too. We tell you that it is a part of remembering who you truly are, a child of the most High, and a creator god in training. It matters not what name your God takes or even if you believe in gods; you are the extension of your soul who is undergoing a re-union to those other parts of yourself and that includes everything and everyone whom you see around you.

You are now in the process of returning to your true state of being; you are in the process of being more than you have ever been able to be in the delusional and temporary state of being of experiencing duality.

Remember, dear ones, your soul sent you into duality to learn from the experience of being separated from Source. Now you are in the process of returning to Source, but you don’t have to go anywhere but be where you are now, on a small but sacred water planet at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy somewhere in a huge Universe, which is only a small portion of All That Is. Your neighborhood is about to get bigger.

We understand that there are those among you who will insist, at least for a while, still that some among your ranks should be punished for their acts against the rest of humanity. We remind you that you are One being. You cannot punish your finger for acting irresponsibly and expect the best of your body not to experience the pain of being separated out. Each of your souls agreed to send portions of themselves into this “lower” world as extensions of themselves, in order to learn what it is to be separated from Source, to experience what it feels like to experience the illusion of being able to believe that you are no longer connected, that you are no longer loved and that you do not deserve love from anyone, including what you believe is yourself.

We remind you that this temporary state of delusion, this form of madness is now ended. Duality is coming to an end; it has come to an end. Now it is time for all the soul extensions as it were, to wake up to the fact that the play has come to an end. The cycle of duality is over for this particular little planet. You are now in the process of moving into a cycle of reunion with Self, all the bits of self that thought for so long while submersed in the fields of duality that they were separate. You are not separate; you have never been separate. In some way humanity has just completed experiencing a state of schizophrenia; you are now in the process of coming out of that particular state and emerging into the light of sanity and the reunion of self with Self. You are all a part or portion of a Great Soul. And now you will be able to experience the re-union with that Soul as you undergo these next days, weeks and months of renewal of spirit.

We feel that once you begin to intuit what is happening to you, around you and through each of you, that the people of this planet will begin to let go of their fears. There will be a period of necessary adjustment as it has been some “time” in what you believe and understand as linear time that many of you have been in a deeply hypnotic state believing that you had no power to change what you saw as the collective insanity of the world. This state has been the result of a collective nightmare, one that is now ended. You, as a people, as one being, are now in the process of waking up from that nightmare.

Yes, we understand that there are still those among you who will insist that the nightmare is real and to be feared, that there is someone or something “out there” to be feared and hated. Yet, again, we remind you that there is nothing “out there” that is not a part of you. All of you are one being. That includes every creature, every stone, every blade of grass, every ethnicity, every “nation”, every religion there is on the planet and beyond. The time of xenophobia is over; the time to reunite with each man, woman and child… and creature… and the planet is Now.

It will take “time” to learn to translate the new language and energies of this place that each of you have entered, some well prepared and others completely confused and frightened. We encourage those of you with more open minds to assist your neighbors and friends to help them rediscover the sensation of not being limited to being what they thought they were for so long. 

The horizons in this new world are vast indeed and it will take some adjustment to the lack of limitation; however, we know that you are, at heart, a creative and dynamic species of being and will take eagerly to the new “waters” in which you find yourself now. And on the way, you will discover and meet other portions of yourselves that you have forgotten about, your galactic and intergalactic neighbors, the celestial beings and the ascended masters who have graduated from duality long ago and who are now here to assist you in adjusting to the new environment in which you are discovering that you have entered, all unknowingly, due to the movement of cycles and the journey home of the soul.

You are Home and you will discover that your home is a very big place, one that has plenty of places and beings to explore, new things to understand and incorporate into your awareness. We know that you will enjoy the new possibilities and challenges that lie before each of you; at least once you have become more acquainted with the new sensations and ways of beingness that will expand before your still very physical eyes. In time, your senses will expand and you will delight in the new ways to experience the world that surrounds you. You are now in a living dream, one that encompasses the vastness of inner and outer space. Let your imagination soar. Learn to play together, again.

We know that as your awareness of your new world expands, that you will re-member your true unity and discover a new purpose in life, to find a way to live as one people with all that you encounter.
Remember dear ones that dates on a calendar cannot define what is beyond comprehension. Do not attempt to limit creation through your thoughts. You cannot re-create duality for each of your souls has collectively determined that the cycle of experiencing duality is over. Move on beyond your fear and relax to the new experiences that will naturally unfold before you in the fullness of the eternal Now. We believe that you will enjoy the journey once you find your feet again.

Go now with our warmest love and blessings as you move along on your first tentative steps. You are but babies, reborn and will have to learn to walk, live and explore in this new world that you have all entered together. You will find that you will forget and forgive those differences that have kept you apart from your neighbor as you discover the new wonders that lie before you. The horizons are vast; the opportunities great. Be at peace and be kind to yourselves. Allow your bodies and minds to readjust to the new sensations that will encompass your awareness. We know that you will be pleased to be, once more, a conscious part of the wholeness that is creation.

Go in peace and know that you are loved more than you know, and that each of you are worthy of that love. Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

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